Georges St. Pierre better athlete and not Anderson

December 11th, 2014

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen thinks Georges St. Pierre is a much better athlete and overall fighter than Anderson Silva and it is only UFC propaganda that has seen Anderson live in his bubble of greatness.

The Brazilian is widely regarded as the top pound for pound fighter in the world and arguably the greatest Mixed Martial Artist the world has seen and while Sonnen admits to Anderson’s brilliance, he doesn’t think The Spider is as good as the UFC tries to make people believe.

The American Gangster faced the Brazilian twice during his career, losing on both occasions but he says he doesn’t begrudge those losses and he speaks only from his experience of facing both these top class fighters.

Sonnen was speaking to Nate Diaz ahead of his brother Nick’s fight against the returning Anderson at UFC 183 in January where he said that he has faced Anderson twice and he has also trained with Georges St. Pierre and he had a lot tougher time with the Canadian. The American added that many people see style and swagger as part of greatness but Rush is a pure athlete and not many people to come will be as good as him.

The recently retired American said that everyone calls him up before they face up against Anderson Silva and all he tells them is that he is great but not as great as people believe him to be and that remains the key to facing him.

It’s not about surviving inside the cage with him because there is no possible way of beating him on decision but if someone brings the fight to him, it makes things interesting. But Georges St. Pierre will always be the better fighter in his eyes and the better athlete too.

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Michael Bisping exchanges verbal barbs with Luke Rockhold in Australia

October 17th, 2014

Michael Bisping, widely known for notorious tongue-wagging, was recently seen exchanging vigorous verbal barbs with next opponent Rockhold (Luke) at an Australia media event.

The trash-clad exchange started when the two famous MMA fighters came face to face, surrounded by huge gang of reporters & other participants at the event.

“You are pathetic”, Bisping started lashing out at Luke in his distinct Manchester accent & expensive jacket while the other one was being led away at the heated scene by others. “Control yourself, dude”, Luke replied.

The gist of the smack was mostly on who were the fighters that the other fighter had actually been able to knock out in his MMA career. It led a steady stream of rapid threats from both the parties towards each other continuing with- “I’m gonna knock you out.”

When the very well-coiffed Luke demanded knockout bona-fides from the opponent, Michael tartly replied that he was just done with knocking out Luke’s boyfriend a couple of weeks back. It refers to Le (Cung), who takes training along with Luke at California’s American kickboxing Academy.

“Yeah, I did see it & I wasn’t really impressed”, pat came the reply from Rockfold.

Post the comment, an infuriated Michael leaned back & waved fingers towards Rockhold, screaming “woo!” loud in a very sarcastic tone.

Bisping has got fifteen knockout wins to his credit which is 5x bigger than Luke’s 3. Michael’s triumph over Cung came by a great TKO succeeded by  a sharp knee from clinch in 4th round of the fight at UFC 48 Fight Night. Luke’s last knockout victory over Costas Philippou came from his dashing body kick in the 1st round of the fight past January.

“The most important thing is that I am going to knock you out on 8th November. It’s coming”, warned Bisping.

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Arlovski upsets Silva on return to UFC

September 29th, 2014

Andrei Arlovski hit the headlines after defeating Antonio Silva quite efficiently. He was able to knock out the superstar with his vicious punching. It was a very important fight for him as he was up against all odds. The crowd was expecting an easy win for Antonio Silva and was mostly supporting him. But the underdog did not let this affect him. He played one of the most dominant matches of his life. The earlier match between the two had quite a different result. After that a lot has gone by. Silva failed one of the drug tests that were done on him and had been banned from competing in any professional game since then. His return to fighting did not prove o be a very successful outing either. Arlovski had himself also gone on a break but he seems to be a completely different fighter since his return to the professional circuit. His score is currently 2-0. The potential opponents in his next match might be Ben Rothwell or Stipe Miocic. Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson will also be up against one another. The winner shall be considered as one of the other potential opponents.

The Brazilian Crowd was not really kind to Arlovski but he earned a lot of respect without any doubt through his fighting skills. He was visibly delighted with his win which resulted in a dance. One could easily make ou the fact that he was overjoyed with the result. A lot of hardwork and passion had gone into the making of the man. He has witnessed the very highs and lows of fighting throughout his career. The six year hiatus was not a easy thing to deal with. But he seem sto have come back with a new energy and strength to fight.

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