UFC 164: Post-fight Press Conference

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25 Responses to “UFC 164: Post-fight Press Conference”


    to play devils advocate that stoppage was a little quick. But it would have
    been a little hard for mir to get back in it after a huge knee like that

  2. wilson ramos Says:

    Showtime PETTIS RULES!!!!!

  3. Morclaw Says:

    What I am telling you is that if it was not for the accident Mir would have
    been a much better fighter by 2008. He lost a lot of time because of that

  4. Gonzalo Mendez Says:

    Shut up Chris -_-

  5. itsfadii24 Says:

    so youre telling me that Mir was not in his prime when he submitted Brock
    back in 08?

  6. Morclaw Says:

    When they were both in their primes ? Are you kidding me ? Mir was in his
    prime before the motorcycle accident and that was before Lesnar even came
    to UFC…

  7. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Says:

    *UFC 164: Post-fight Press Conference*

  8. Media & Entertainment News Says:

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  9. Extreme John Says:

    Awesome night of fights. Big thanks to my boy +James Jackson for the love.
    Couldn’t be happier to see Pettis pull off the W along with $ Mendez.

  10. NicolaBUL Says:

    Benson’s face from 30:08

  11. aznmickster Says:

    Starts at 5:37

  12. tootietwister52 Says:

    I made 350000 dollars fucking your mom in a porno.

  13. ilIuminaughty Says:

    The fact you’re getting defensive shows you agree to my point. But you
    don’t want to appear wrong.

  14. Dustin Kuipers Says:

    DW is so full of shit “All about the fights” NO! It’s all about the
    M-O-N-E-Y. And what is DW in this conference anyway? The Moderator? Why
    does he stand up there at the lectern like he’s hot shit?

  15. SolTV Says:


  16. Michael Cerulo Says:

    frank mir is nuts. he was out. even with the TRT he is terrible now

  17. Apollo Beta Says:

    Why do people act like they’re the ones fighting? Lol. Just be a fan of the
    sport. Don’t act like you’re the one in it.

  18. Necromaniac24 Says:

    Fuck that noise…lol

  19. brayfreeman8 Says:

    @iliuminaughty pettis has God too…….oh did you forget that pettos was a
    christian? idiot.

  20. Dustin Young Says:

    Who made God?

  21. dana woolaver Says:

    i hope pettis stays humble but i cant see it.

  22. electricfuneral101 Says:

    that fucking sucks for Mir.. fucking bullshit ref.. if anyone saw the
    fight, the ref is clearly a faggot on top of being a shitty referee

  23. jdouglasusn Says:

    Did I once say he existed? No, so don’t suggest I did. You’re proving my
    point again….. I stop talking because it’s pointless, and really isn’t
    that importnat and yet, you continue…… yea, that isn’t overzealous at
    all. Or perhaps you simply want the last word. I understand, I’ll sooth
    your ego. I know you’re going to reply, yes you’re that predictable. I
    won’t reply back. So your pride will be at ease having your last
    “triumphant” word. Have fun.

  24. Chris Weidman Says:

    shut the fuck up

  25. ZombieKiller1348 Says:

    No because “Bendo” got smashed by Pettis twice already.