UFC CENTRAL: Exclusive interview with Matt Serra

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16 Responses to “UFC CENTRAL: Exclusive interview with Matt Serra”

  1. Blasphemere Crucible Says:

    Honestly I don’t see why the the UFC wouldn’t want Matt Serra to be in the
    hall of fame. Its not like its a long list or anything. Matt Serra has
    fought the best and has won on the highest level. He deserves it.

  2. John Hatfield Says:

    They called him snooki….lol

  3. Chin Chillaz Says:

    If Matt Serra wasn’t fighting. He’ll be a deadly enforcer for the Mob…

  4. Jeremy Michael Yap Says:

    Matt Serra is one of the nicest guys in MMA.

  5. Trollseeder Says:

    Matt and his pasta, 10 seconds in… lmao

  6. Mark Dasilva Says:

    Class act

  7. johnny d Says:

    He’s got a badass gym

  8. William Kim Says:

    Coolest dude ever. I’m glad we’re both from NY Serra! Proud
    representative. :)

  9. rafael cony Says:


  10. aspirineripazha Says:

    Fatt fk is sara now 

  11. SuperKpill Says:

    Frank Trigg called him Snooki? Lol

  12. Ryan Lee Says:

    Joe should of brought my Marc Lamon Lol

  13. ChinCheck Says:

    Great guy

  14. ranezzie Says:

    Your head shrinked.. lol

  15. Bartholomew Simpson Says:

    serra is a cool dude

  16. FightGenome Says:

    UFC CENTRAL: Exclusive interview with Matt Serra
    Published on Feb 13, 2014
    Showdown Joe Ferraro gets up close and personal with former UFC star Matt
    Serra in this UFC CENTRAL exclusive interview.