2013 UFC Manchester Fan Q&A with Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor 4/4

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25 Responses to “2013 UFC Manchester Fan Q&A with Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor 4/4”

  1. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Says:

    *UFC fan Q&A with Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor*

  2. Charles Medina Says:

    What was that first question? (off the mic)

  3. meh20knm Says:

    When they all retire, they need to consider touring doing this cos this is

  4. Gary Coleman Says:

    love bisping n chael..mcgregor seems a bit of a cock

  5. nicolas anthro Says:

    to tell the truth, id give everything i have to have dinner wth these 3
    guys, saying nothing just listening and laughing my ass off. ive had sex
    that wasnt half as entertaining, truth to be told.

  6. Michael Thomas Says:

    great and funny!

  7. lafferty daniels Says:

    I fucking love mcgregor

  8. Nayr Josthonn Says:

    Anyone catch what that fan was shouting about at the beginning of the vid?
    Went back a few times, kudn’t make out what that interaction was all about.

  9. willsnavycut Says:

    This was amazing. The UFC should do more of these ‘shared’ Q and A’s. Love
    it. Thanks a lot ZP.

  10. OuchPleaseNoooo Says:

    Really lol? i don’t think so. He moved to America when he was like 32, his
    son still has a Manchester accent and he’s like 10.

  11. whales Says:

    Can’t believe nobody asked Conor about Poirier. He was sitting in the front

  12. KleenerBro Says:

    Wheres part 3??? 🙁

  13. juaneJAI Says:

    These three are a fantastic line up when they’re at their best. They should
    have their own show!

  14. joe gregson Says:

    Conor was spot on, show up to the gym work and enjoy it

  15. Irakli Tugushi Says:

    Conor Krasavaa

  16. i94Rules Says:

    OMFG this is COMEDY! Great stuff!

  17. BEASTMODE82 Says:

    “no time limit and a man will break!” LMAO Conor is fucking epic!

  18. Rob Bellemare Says:

    Awesome fighters, awesome guys!

  19. Axel Villaseñor Says:

    Conor actually outdid Chael. Whoah, we got quite the character on our hands.

  20. IRISH OMERTA Says:


  21. Irish Bhoy Says:

    listen when he tellin the story “i’m doin my best to sound all haaard” haha

  22. Serj Tankian Says:


  23. Irish Bhoy Says:

    bisping has pretty strong american accent now

  24. llubtip15 Says:

    everyone loves McGregor, I think he’s a fkn wanker

  25. dsmithers944 Says:

    Know your damn role. Epic answer!!