5 Rounds on UFC 169, Robin Breaks Down Hand Positioning, Chris Weidman, Machida vs. Mousasi & More

Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “5 Rounds on UFC 169, Robin Breaks Down Hand Positioning, Chris Weidman, Machida vs. Mousasi & More”

  1. kopxpert Says:

    MMA fighters now are obviously more well rounded and train in all areas
    extensively. As my knowledge of grappling & ground game increased, i find
    most MMA fight entertaining (used to only like “stand-up” fights). Fans
    have to get used to fighters neutralizing each other in the cage, it’s
    inevitable. Of course I love Varner vs Trujillo/Melendez vs Sanchez kind of
    fights but everyone’s getting better and for me it’s very entertaining to
    see technical fights too (especially if the commentator explains the
    situation really well like Joe Rogan).
    PS: Good job Robin. Always enjoy your breakdowns!!

  2. King Leonidis Says:

    It’s a weird feeling to watch an episode of this while packing my gym bag
    and then leave to see Robin Black (and other Fight Network personalities)
    on the mats and rolling.
    We need more reporters like this who actually know their shit, it should be
    a requirement for this job. So far us fight fans pretty much only have Mr.
    Black and Joe Rogan, the rest is drama recapping. Thanks Robin.

  3. Jacob Baseluse Says:

    Great show. Love your views on defensive tactics and hand positioning.

  4. MrBonesbr Says:

    rivera pulled out of the assuncao fight

  5. Matt J Says:

    No more secrets? Anthony Pettis and Aldo have a lot more up their sleeve
    lol. Trunks I should say.

  6. C Bass Says:

    Mr. Black, you sir, are some sort of genius. 

  7. Diko Avtorizacija Says:

    I love the break downs Mr.Black,I train mma for 3 years now,and its really
    cool to see and learn those small details that can make a big
    difference,and I love the show, I watch every single episode.I also would
    like to hear your opinion or analysis on the Aldo fight what did you like
    about it? I think he did a great job reacting to every kick Lamas threw at
    him which is a very rare quality to have but I dont know if he will be
    successful in the Lightweight division,what is your opinion? Cheers.

  8. Ricardo Pina Says:

    lmfao The Fight Network realy UFC has to be paying a lot right? now that
    they don’t even let you show the main card highlights! only you on 5ROUNDS
    to say that one of the worst UFC’s PPV ever was great!!!

  9. BreezyFoSheezy2010 Says:

    Anthony Pettis is a talented, exciting fighter. I really enjoy watching him
    compete but I think he may be a lil overrated from an over all pound for
    pound perspective. Him and Aldo would make for an intense action packed
    fight but maybe he needs to defend his LW title at least once against one
    of the top quality contenders already surfacing at 155 first. There are
    plenty of dangerous challengers and tough matchups for him. I want to see
    Aldo fight Conor McGregor. He may not be most deserving challenger right
    now even with a 10 win streak but that contest would be so badass.

  10. jeff pope Says:

    howcome no talk about aldo vs pettis???

  11. Navid Nilchian Says:

    Can’t wait for Mousasi vs. Machida – I don’t even know how to call this
    fight lol but I’m going to lean towards Mousasi possibly by submission :-P

  12. behdabra Says:


  13. Justin Beagley Says:

    couldn’t agree more – mma fans need to learn when to shutup. I can’t stand
    watching a fight, and hearing all the fans boo once the fight goes to the
    ground. If you can’t enjoy watching grappling/BJJ – and if you can’t
    appreciate the skill involved in it… then stop watching – stop trying to
    make this sport a brawler vs brawler… some of us actually do appreciate
    great technique… like rousey throwing tate around like a rag doll… i
    don’t care if it’s not crazy wild – it’s impressive to have the ability and
    knowledge to do that, and that’s why i enjoy the sport.

  14. BreezyFoSheezy2010 Says:

    I am a really big fan of Chris Weidman. Its just really hard to not like
    that guy, as a person or a fighter. He has made a great champion so far but
    man does he have his work cut out for him looking ahead to potential
    challengers. If the resurgent Belfort isn’t enough, names like Machida,
    Mousasi, Souza should be just what it takes for him to keep elevating his
    game. He for sure has a tough road to hoe if he wants to hang on to the

  15. Navid Nilchian Says:

    Something I don’t understand, why do you guys go off like your about to go
    to commercials but then never do? Is this aired on live television THEN
    uploaded to youtube? just wondering.

  16. Navid Nilchian Says:

    9:40 to skip all the comparison bullshit with the NFL and go straight into
    MMA talk.

  17. Stiffonda Reefah Says:

    Finally I agree with Ramdeen!!!

  18. Paul Welsh Says:

    Robin Black is the star of this show. Outstanding

  19. Bronco England Says:

    Machida via KO…Easy !

  20. Luis Almodovar Says:

    This guy ramdeen needs look at his facts better becuse renan barao said he
    thought the fight was stopped to early …………idiot

  21. Roronoa D Vegeta Says:

    Two things so far, one stop comparing football to mma I didn’t pay 60$ to
    watch the superbowl. Aldo took a knee for 5 minutes and you don’t see
    anything wrong with that? That’s crazy guys come on. Although I didn’t have
    any problem with this fight I just don’t like the analogy.

    & two you talk about fighters health all the time and fighters knowing when
    to call it a day and then you say Frank Mir should keep fighting. Frank Mir
    has been knocked out 7 times in pro fights alone and just got floored by a
    Uber knee. He has most likely been beat up alot in the gym and and took
    alot of punishment in other fights. The guy is 34 maybe he should retire so
    he can speak in 10 years not because he isn’t relevant. 

  22. Abdirahman M Ali Says:

    i am such a huge fan, i watch ur show each week. and i agree with u why
    hate on great fights people expect every fighter to be killers and take
    huge risk, they forget all of does men are human and they play it very
    smart. once again super show i love it

  23. Christian pitters Says:

    I cant wait for machida vs mousasi it is going to be a great fight filled
    with technique and hopefully alot of action. Mousasi is very under rated i
    have liked watching him for awhile as he dominates pretty much everyone he
    faces. But im gonna take machida by 2nd rnd ko!

  24. samsoudine sylla Says:

    mendez vs swanson

  25. Jon Lee Says: