Anderson Silva talks UFC pro’s picking Weidman over him

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24 Responses to “Anderson Silva talks UFC pro’s picking Weidman over him”

  1. DrDoom725 Says:

    As weird as it seems I’d Anderson retired him and chael would be the perfect odd couple for mma news anchors I’d watch them all the time!!!

  2. Honorpjer Says:

    so funny seeing chael interview anderson :)

  3. John Smith Says:

    “I’m very excite for this fight.” – You got KTFO bitch!!!

  4. geshlam2008 Says:

    why would weidman step in for Chael :s

  5. geshlam2008 Says:


  6. 1love8680 Says:

    And Anderson knocks him out

  7. tony montana Says:

    thats when weidman steps in!!!

  8. geshlam2008 Says:

    and when Chael double legs him Anderson submits him with a triangle choke.

  9. tony montana Says:

    or when anderson starts actling like a jackass similar to that in the ring chael will double leg him on his head

  10. geshlam2008 Says:

    and when Chael be’s naughty, Anderson flying knees him in the chest.

  11. jamminjackhammer Says:

    “look like your 21 years old”??

  12. 78GoodBloke78 Says:

    That was gold. Chael Sonnen, What a legend!

  13. Candy Coated Poison Says:

    Says the one who spells “really” as “realli”.

  14. Carlos Henrique Says:

    Haha… I’m native Brazil and believe me man, in portuguese is the same repating stuff over and over.

  15. dbigdog79 Says:

    Anderson realli needs to work on his english cuz he seems to be repeating the same shit

  16. paul baker Says:

    i think sonnen learned to respect silva after their fights , anderson is a respectful guy , cheal as well . i could see these two training together

  17. Bruno Vieira Says:

    sonnen is awesome.

  18. Song4Alex Says:

    Just like chael said. Speaks perfect english. Shakespeare over here

  19. lordwirt338244 Says:

    lmfao dat forhead comment.

  20. strictlybangers Says:

    this is fucking amazing tv! love the banter.

  21. matt bedz Says:

    genius idea

  22. LaPumking Says:

    what we see here is one of cheal’s alter ego.
    in the cage and before the fight is chael the fighter, in the ultimate fighter is chael the coach, and on fuel tv is chael the interviewer.

  23. Robert King Says:

    Chael and Anderson should have a spinoff series where they’re roommates.

  24. Bigg Osyphus Says:

    Shael Hespect Silva now