Countdown to UFC 179: Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2

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25 Responses to “Countdown to UFC 179: Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2”

  1. officialjet Says:

    Aldo win so Conor can make you go night night 

  2. Birdistheword628 Says:

    Aldo told the truth. Chad’s entire win streak is full of nobodies with his
    best wins being Guida and Lentz. Aldo’s going to smash him.


    People need to realize that styles make fights. So thats why the ufc will
    never allow Conor to fight Mendes no matter what happens between him and
    Aldo. I get that people like Conor but if he went up against Mendes, Mendes
    would take him down and hold him down and punch his face.

  4. QuixoticQuaver Says:

    C’mon get it over with and get the star in the ring.

    This division is nothing without Conor McGregor.

  5. junkmode Says:

    The older he gets that athleticism is gonna wear on him…. dude Aldo is a
    year younger than you thats not an effective gameplan

  6. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. Says:

    Aldo faked his injury to get this fight in Brazil. Chad by TKO. Round 2

  7. imogenmclure17 Says:

    The sad fact is The UFC has become a joke pushing fighters like conor
    mcgregor just for him being irish and fighting a weightclass below guys his
    own size
    i loved UFC back in the old days of chuck liddel when guys showed up to
    fight and did not take year layoff after they won the title .
    UFC cant put a good fight on and when they get lucky and get one they must
    rematch it way too soon !!
    dana is a cash cow and since 90% of mma fans are noob kids they dont know
    what road UFC is taking mma down!!
    boxing fans have seen this before and boxing is still recovering from it
    older fans see this kid fans doo not even the crowds are not going nuts
    UFC noobs listen too dana white while MMA fans watch there sport die


    16 minutes? I got my snacks ready for 30 mins as most countdowns!! 

  9. Socrates Says:

    HEY McGregor fans, it’s ok to support your guy but you can’t just fucking
    quote everything he says about the top 5 Featherweights on every fucking
    UFC video because it just makes it look like he’s in the worst UFC division
    fighting bums. Which takes away from what he is doing,
    -Chad lost to Aldo when aldo should have been on his back
    -Connor lost to Sitenkov and Duffy, who the fuck are they?
    To think guys like Aldo, Mendes, Edgar, Swanson and Bermudez couldn’t beat
    him is just being fucking deluded,
    what do them guys have in common? They are all great wrestlers! What has
    McGregor never faced? A great wrestler!
    Support your guy by all means but stop fucking quoting the guy on every
    featherweight video.

  10. ironmike Says:

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  11. Mel Gibson Says:

    Cub Swanson really deserved a shot, more than Mendes and Mcgregor.

  12. GodDamnit7711 Says:

    Chad Mendes is going to get popped for steroid use.

  13. Ramy chk Says:

    7:00 He did the same thing when he received the knee of jose

  14. Toonses Says:

    All of Brazil looks like the ghetto parts in my city. LOL

  15. skyhunter Says:

    white pride (just proud of my heritage like brown pride) whats wrong about

  16. drohoe1 Says:

    I don’t think Chad even deserves another shot. He got cleaned up last time
    and like Aldo said He hasn’t faced any ranked in the top of the division. I
    see fighters in other weight classes winning more fights than Chad and
    still not getting title shots.

  17. livebreathmma Says:

    Did Davis really just say, “going to the judges in Brazil has never been
    part of the plan,” as if implying he will get robbed. HELLO YOU dark as sin
    Wesley Snipes looking mofo, YOU GOT GIFTED A ROBBERY OVER MACHIDA IN
    BRAZIL. I hope they dont rob Glover

  18. Pwnvidz Says:

    Jose is not that big .. if he actually wants to go to 155 and face people
    as big as Cerrone , Khabib , Benson its a big mistake

  19. Matt Yokkao Says:

    Love how those mma experts on internet underestimate Aldo, whos almost 10
    years unstoppable.

  20. Hannibal Cannibal Says:

    Who are these nobodies that mendez has been fighting? lol even guida going
    into that fight I was thinking he has started to look terrible lately like
    sanchez, he will probably get knocked out soon, then it happened. Mendez
    still doesnt grasp the level aldo is on.

  21. Jonny Gat Says:

    Chad is 100% on Peds 

  22. Neil Richardson Says:

    the way Aldo is acting im afraid hes gonna lose which is a shame cause id
    much rather see Mcgregor vs Aldo

  23. Juice Willis Says:

    Lmao! Are they really trying to spin it like Aldo grabbing the fence had
    anything to do with the outcome of the first fight?

  24. Elenice Espindola Says:

    10/26/2014 11:05 – Updated 10/26/2014 11:05

    Dana praises champion after victory in Rio: ” Best fight of Aldo I’ve ever
    seen ‘
    Boss UFC remains cautious when talking about the future of Brazilian but
    admits await the outcome of the duel between McGregor loudmouth and Siver

    The seventh title defense of Jose Aldo not only impressed the fans who
    cheered and supported the Brazilian in Maracanãzinho. In the front row,
    right next to the octagon, the kingpin and UFC president Dana White, liked
    much of the current featherweight champion of their organization’s
    performance. After the UFC Rio 5, he praised the victory of Brazil over
    American Chad Mendes. And about a possible fight against loudmouth Conor
    McGregor, showed a more cautious speech, noting that the Irish have their
    appointment in January.

    – I think the fight today led Aldo to another level. It’s the best fight
    I’ve seen Aldo. And Conor has to beat Dennis Siver. Many people think it
    will be a walk, but this fight will happen. So does not make sense talking
    about it now – pondered the boss.

    by Rio de Janeiro

  25. jdailey01230 Says:

    As far as the light heavyweights go, if your name isn’t Rumble, DC, Gus or
    Jones… you’re irrelevant.