Dana White talks Mitrione, Rampage, Ronda Rousey, Greg Jackson, Clay Guida, Batista & More

Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dana White talks Mitrione, Rampage, Ronda Rousey, Greg Jackson, Clay Guida, Batista & More”

  1. mma123892 Says:

    Dana will see what happens White. Enough said

  2. BigMarcusc1995 Says:

    lol, batista is not in wwe anymore!

  3. perry9505 Says:

    fucking wwe fan boy.

  4. electrotech3000 Says:

    dana white is a liar

  5. Vu Danh Says:


  6. BigMarcusc1995 Says:

    I dont ask you..

  7. ali26101 Says:

    Fuck off.

  8. BigMarcusc1995 Says:

    What time his talk about Batista?? 😛

  9. vinniedurrant Says:

    wow you really do like her

  10. makaveli6698 Says:

    nope way harder for ronda

  11. chandlermorse82 Says:

    Anderson Silva

  12. chandlermorse82 Says:

    A.D. vs Jon Jones

  13. ComentarioEsportivo1 Says:

    Despite initially saying that this fight does not make much sense, the representative of the event began to hint that marry the match when he said: “If the fans want to see this fight …” And they wanted to, they asked the networks sociais.Jon Jones after do a search on Twitter last week, also began to consider luta.Com that the President saw a chance to do much with $ this fight. It’s what he always says “I’ll make the fight that fans want?”. note: “WE WANT THE A.S. VS J.JONES”

  14. vinniedurrant Says:

    Ive got more of a hard-on for Gina…

  15. usualsuspect19841 Says:

    btw i couldnt hear any of the questions that were asked to dana white. work on being heard better because this interview was shit.

  16. Prince Jasper Says:

    batista…. HA!! in his 40s looking disfigured and only knows how to yell. be great to so him in the ufc stomping around then gettin KO’d

  17. LesnarNextBigThingF5 Says:

    bisping is a great fighter

  18. LesnarNextBigThingF5 Says:

    i would if she could actually get a win by tko or ko

  19. roy verhoeven Says:

    To be honest i was trying to make a normal friendly comment but writing it i was thinking the guy himself shows no respect for other people so i kinda slipped into trashtalk trap myself. But i’m not the one here calling people dicks,being disrespectfull about grandma’s, and tyrying to pretend i know everything about MMA when i don’t know shit. his Hardy comment did it. 1 knockout loss and being marked as a Glass Jaw is just stupid.

  20. bjjchris333 Says:

    im not sayin u did anything wrong insulting him, i got no issue with that…if someones gonna come one here and act like a cunt, then i dont care if someone responds back to make them look stupid…i jus dont understand why you start the insult with “you my friend with all respect” your not his friend and u r trying to disrespect him, so im seriously curious y u say that before u do it…a lot of people do it..they say not to be offensive but your fat as fuck to some fat person. knowat i mean?

  21. roy verhoeven Says:

    the guy was being anti-British againt some other guy here 2 and just because i pointed that in his face he’s trying to make it personal, with the granny tits thing. wich i dont have so.. and calling people dicks, he’s totally has no respect for guys like Dan Hardy and then he uses the Glass jaw word and condit fight. Hardy has 1 knockout loss so because of that he has a glass jaw? come one. and then he dare’s to say he knows everything about MMA… come on that makes me laugh

  22. roy verhoeven Says:

    the guy was being pretty racial in my eyes saying things like for example England sucks et cetera he Hates on british fighters for some stupid reason. In my eyes still my comment wasnt ment in a trashtalk way is saying he has nothing to be proud at for being an American trashtalking? come on. he’s the one here calling people out. starting about a granny tits. i din’t even have a gran LOL. and why i said my friend is just to start a conversation in a normal way. BTW i’m not British if you think

  23. bjjchris333 Says:

    were all from africa…so england and all of Europe, asia and everywhre else have nothing to be proud of either when it comes to patriotism…but i dont want to debate u on it, im jus throwin that out there.what i want to debate is why you say “you my friend, with all respect” and then proceed to completely disrespect him and insult him about his country and his knowledge of mma..if u want to youtube battle someone, i got no issue w it, get it done, but why prefix ur insults with that nonsense

  24. roy verhoeven Says:

    Dude i’m 24 years old.so don’t call me a Baby. 😉 don’t think i’m a 13 year old UFC fan. i followed Pride,Dream back in the days. i even follow M1,Bellator,One FC super fight league nowadays et cetera.. and your comment about Hardy is a low one. yeah he got knocked out but is that all you have about british fighters? you are just an arrogant American shitface hating on british fighters and England in general. BTW my comment to you was pretty friendly not in a trashtalk way. yours is childish.

  25. jcorbett1980 Says:

    And of course who can forget Dan Hardy??? His brain hasnt functioned properly since his glass jaw got raped by Carlos Condits hook…. Ever notice how them british fighters pick the strangest times to take naps? lol… How many UFC champions have there been from ENGLAND? didnt think so…. Better step ur game up tryin to come at me talking mma. I was watching mma when u were drinking curdled butter milk out of ur buck toothed grandmas wrinkly titty