Dana White UFC 128 Video Blog – Day 2

Video Rating: four / 5

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27 Responses to “Dana White UFC 128 Video Blog – Day 2”

  1. MRUFC12345 Says:

    GSP looks a bit out of place at the basketball game

  2. kobi005 Says:

    @petrolhead1845598 looks like Van Dam

  3. petrolhead1845598 Says:

    @chillbrahh100 LOL

  4. petrolhead1845598 Says:

    @phenomenom20 yeah who the fuck is that douche?

  5. petrolhead1845598 Says:

    @JBMontgomery87 loll

  6. petrolhead1845598 Says:

    a little awkward in the limo lol

  7. jayxiong28 Says:

    0:12 don’t you hate when you get left hanging like that. LoL Brother got left hanging there for a second.

  8. Venom8419 Says:

    whos the dude at 3.40?

  9. hbusto213 Says:

    Good video!!!

  10. JBMontgomery87 Says:

    Haha, Dana and Rashad talking all serious about the Bones fight when Chuck just comes wandering past holding a pillow with a little girl brushing her hair and carrying a doll following behind him.

  11. phenomenom20 Says:

    Take a good look people 3:17 the new age mobsters UGH bunch of savages and douches.

  12. djeeedah Says:

    07:03 wow Bobby Baccala is alive

  13. rozay604 Says:

    damn how the fuck did rashad not only predict who will win, but as well as the round and the finishing move !

    well now hell have 2 predict what round bones is gonna beat him cuz J.B.J IS THE FUTURE OF MMA!

  14. rozay604 Says:

    LOOL! dude got played by dana at 0:11 with the handshake!

  15. geroy01 Says:

    Love GSP!

  16. mrmagic221 Says:

    @KyleCoxTAMU damn he sure did call it

  17. jeffmed24 Says:

    The amount of hands Mr White shakes in a day must be in the 1,000 he’s so personable and approachable a true gentleman

  18. sliqness Says:

    Rashad just predicted his own loss

  19. sliqness Says:

    What if GSP and Chuck Liddell randomly started throwing down at the bball game

  20. sliqness Says:

    What fools at 2:34-2:57 don’t know Dana White is walking RIGHT BEHIND THEM!

  21. Malk64 Says:

    @MarxistDomination The sad thing is, you’d shit your pants in front of the illegal Mexican immigrants flooding your shitty country, let alone call them “spics”.

    Bwahaha, little American coward.

    Go hug Hitler’s balls, kid.

    A fag like you wouldn’t last in Europe, we’d beat the shit out of redneck Amerifags like you.

  22. MarxistDomination Says:


    calm down, spic. you little smarmy spic.

  23. grimtiko Says:

    fuck yeah, rashad got skills

  24. thalles5 Says:

    Too much echo!

  25. chillbrahh100 Says:

    HAHA chuck looked fucken pisst walkin past rashad.. and chuck looks alot bigger out next to norm people besides huge fighters

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