Dana White UFC 155 Post-Fight Scrum: UFC at Madison Square Garden, Anderson’s New Contract, Bisping

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25 Responses to “Dana White UFC 155 Post-Fight Scrum: UFC at Madison Square Garden, Anderson’s New Contract, Bisping”

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  3. BrokenBon3sx Says:

    The fucks the Tooth doing there?

  4. Dan Handy Says:

    lol i hope he has realized it. must suck to be an ignorant bitch

  5. X7xPrototypex7X Says:

    whos bob?

  6. Jashan Tangle Says:

    nah nah Cain Velsaquez vs Cormier.

  7. Ha eL Says:

    “Yes I taught dana that… ” hahahahahaha.. Dana’s makin money. U ain’t.

  8. Ryan Kellum Says:

    cormier vs jones.  make it happen

  9. BagelsMagic Says:

    Demain Maia vs Anderson Silva is for sure more one sided than this fight

  10. fuxedomask Says:

    What’s to convince? Your faggotry is self-evident. I’m simply calling you a faggot, for being a faggot.

  11. rahowhero Says:

    when your in a deep hole, its wise to stop digging, ie, your not helping your case, who are you trying to convince? me?, some stranger on the internet?, or your self?

  12. Animal42able Says:

    @gqjxnvm so right on that, this trck really hits that spot 😉 BTW peeps are using this to get this in mp3 -> bit.ly/10Q0L1Q?=jzduo

  13. katodmx007 Says:

    just imagine silva beating gsp and jon jones. both via finish. it would be insane, that there is a human like this walking around.

  14. prickett dawg Says:


  15. 11049cisco Says:

    He is your biological Daddy 

  16. 11049cisco Says:

    Cain destroyed JDS standing and on the ground. JDS dosen’t have a prayer if they rematch.

  17. Sinishawins Says:

    Makes sense. Thanks.

  18. jullemanden Says:

    Dufee i think

  19. Alex Hubert Says:

    I see so many similarities between this guy and Joe Rogan people you associate with truly do influence you

  20. TheDougass Says:

    Nick the TOOTH he’s in dana’s video blog.

  21. Sinishawins Says:

    Who was Dana talking about when he said he didn’t give a shit about being in the UFC?

  22. Naresh Maharjan Says:

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  23. MrTrevorg18 Says:

    Hes Nick “the tooth” A loveable friend of Dana/the UFC. ..Kind of a goofy guy

  24. MrBopas Says:

    Who is the dude at 24:16?

  25. JM KT Says:

    @Zein A dude your a fucking moron LOL stop playing UFC 3 scrubb and go make better use of your time rather than youtube warrior-Ing… Srsly the stupidity of these comments makes me lose hope in humanity