Dana White UFC on FOX Vlog Day 1

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25 Responses to “Dana White UFC on FOX Vlog Day 1”

  1. johntashable Says:

    only just discoverd these dana vlogs enjoy them very much.. keep em coming dana !

  2. JO3haNsum Says:

    @mothjitsu fuck both of them pussies im tired of hearing their names

  3. lk0micho Says:

    @7:50 FUCKING BOSS

  4. zap62165 Says:

    can anyone make out what nick said to BJ when they hugged?

  5. masteroflife777 Says:

    Leben looks stacked, wow.

  6. dimebag4lyfe Says:

    -_- he gave the tickets away in London and the show was in Brum. Fuck sake!!

  7. jiujitsujedi Says:


  8. Bones87ish Says:

    @pseudonominous I’m not even going to talk fighting with u over a keyboard cause that’s what virgin pussies like u do

  9. pseudonominous Says:

    @Bones87ish stfu four I kick yer can ass just like velasquiz got he’s can ass can handed to him to, brah…. 😐

  10. Bones87ish Says:

    @pseudonominous “do he’s speak portchugeese” U might want to learn how to spell first. I rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass like urself lol

  11. pseudonominous Says:

    @Bones87ish do he’s speak portchugeese, smart ass??

  12. Bones87ish Says:

    @pseudonominous Damn i hope ur not serious. JDS is Brazilian dick breath

  13. pseudonominous Says:

    @Bones87ish my cock is heavier than you,re head.
    Is JDS a Messican too, like Velasquiz??

  14. Bones87ish Says:

    @pseudonominous Well since the HW division is stacked with a bunch of cans y don’t u fight for the UFC? I wouldn’t doubt it if u way as much as JDS does. No muscle though just fat

  15. pseudonominous Says:

    @Bones87ish JDS is only champ cos he fowt a can. end of.

  16. Bones87ish Says:

    @pseudonominous I disagree n by saying that ur discrediting JDS by saying he fights cans

  17. ThExKiDxCuDix Says:

    I want that fucking hairstyle at 5:04…that shit goes hard, no homo.

  18. pseudonominous Says:

    velasquez is a can…. 😐

  19. joe0692 Says:

    cain had a chub

  20. ScrubifyHD Says:

    @mm4junkie party rock by lmfao

  21. mm4junkie Says:

    whats the song that thiago alves was walking back from the cage to? 4:42

  22. dlk2002 Says:

    @utubename88 I watched the fight, a brutal knockout and finish. I hope he was okay afterward.

  23. utubename88 Says:

    @dlk2002 hey man you should go watch the jason high vs marius zaromskis fight

  24. memphisbrandon Says:

    The guy in the blue shirt at 3:39 sounds like James Cordon.

  25. MrFreshxKicks Says:

    @memphisbrandon why would i be jealous if i want tickets ill buy them lol