Dana White UFC on FUEL TV 8 Vlog Day 1

Movie Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Dana White UFC on FUEL TV 8 Vlog Day 1”

  1. Fractal Vortices Says:

    You sound scared like a wimp.

  2. ChronikUK Says:

    faber leaves liz walks in…. pretty sure there the same people

  3. Clover Jetz Says:

    ur mom went to college

  4. Richard Nichols Says:

    you’re a fucking joke kid. Weed saves lives #swed

  5. Patrick Connors Says:

    shut the fuck up you pot head loser

  6. Clover Jetz Says:

    fighter women in the red shirt at the end is SOOO GROSS wahhhh discusting shes like a fuckin dyke ! talkin like a dude dresses like A dude lol fuckin muscles like a dude…fuckin gross

  7. Clover Jetz Says:

    if there was any real women fighter rondo would be fucked all she noes how to do is arm bars…..6 in a row ? come on yes skill but the only skill she owns get off her big balls all yall

  8. Clover Jetz Says:

    best sport in the history of the world

  9. BaDMrFr0zty Says:

    get the fuck out of comment’s and no i didnt read any of that shit but if you got 50% of the page of bullshit STFU kid

  10. normalpsychology Says:

    I think your view is weak and depressing. Most fighters themselves even say that they wished fights went longer and/or had to be finished by an “actual finish.” (B.J. Penn for example.) Fights that go 30-50 minutes without a finish should be considered a draw or no contest, in my opinion. That would be amazing, but people like you (idiots) don’t understand that and hold us back from that sort of thing.

  11. normalpsychology Says:

    We just have different viewpoints. I want finishes. You don’t mind watching soft-core Tae Kwon Do matches with point-fighting. Silva-Sonnen one was a great example. Imagine fi that fight had ended three minutes earlier and Sonnen was the DOMINANT winner … BY DECISION. That would be a fake and a fraud and I would be 100% correct if I had said, “Silva would have finished him if the fight had gone on three more minutes.” THAT is a perfect example of why fights should always go to finish.

  12. Wisdumb12 Says:

    Again, you don’t understand the point of my response. In your point of view, every decision is ambiguous and that’s completely wrong, in many cases there are clear winners in decision victories. Plus, extending fights would actually do your cause more harm than good. Imagine how tired the fighters will be, therefore they will probably be a lot more clinching and boring periods towards the end of fights if they don’t manage to get a knockout/sub in the early rounds.

  13. normalpsychology Says:

    You’re 100% wrong. Also, should we make K.O.’s NOT count since K.O.’s reward guys with great punching ability? This isn’t called the Grand Point Fighting Contest… it’s called the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The real goal of each fight is to show a winner and a loser. A decision is not a real winner or a real loser. It’s an opinion of three random judges. If fights went on for 35-45 minutes, eventually someone (the lesser fighter) will lose. It’s up to him to finish or be finished.

  14. Wisdumb12 Says:

    You didn’t address the issue I brought up. Yes it may increase the amount of finishes, but the system provides substantial advantages to those with strong chins and disadvantages to those lacking knockout power. Think about the consequences it would have on the lighter weight divisions, where we don’t get many knockouts due to guys having less power. The system won’t be equitable, and rewards power and durability over actual technique and skill.

  15. Pancha Villa Says:

    machida vs henderson sucked so bad they didnt even mention them in this blog

  16. andyjaycee Says:

    The guys not long after surgery, have you seen it? It’s not pretty. I doubt hes in health to fight. I dont see why he would want or need to either.

  17. firechicken76 Says:

    rousey looks funny when she’s glaring. like a pikachu or something.

  18. firechicken76 Says:

    Those were some goooood fights. stann and silva was great. and Hunt breaking stephans jaw?

  19. quebecoi1992 Says:

    rousey family’s all have the same eyes lol

  20. patriotsdabomb1 Says:

    Lavar Johnson just got cut because of failed drug test lol.

  21. JMC CANTRELL Says:

    Vince McMahon’s old ass will whoop your ass Dana White lmfao I can’t believe you turn down a challenge from Vince McMahon now the question is are you a real man are you just making excuses

  22. Willy Bonilla Says:

    Lol Rousey’s coach kissed her after the fight…

  23. kuncha nada Says:

    Have you seen Fat Blast Furnace? (Go google it) It is a quick way to melt fat fast.

  24. Jacobo Velazquez Says: