Dana White video blog UFC 128 day 1

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28 Responses to “Dana White video blog UFC 128 day 1”

  1. DemonWhisper1 Says:

    feeling the boobs ? lol

  2. xtrajently Says:

    Diego should have lost that fight to Kampman imo..he does have the biggest heart though..

  3. FleaTheGx562 Says:

    @aroff595 20 including all the fights on tuf

  4. aroff595 Says:

    What the hell is Diego talking about at the end? That was not is 20th fight in the octagon. I’m pretty sure Kampman gave him brain damage.

  5. NewsInKidsEyes Says:

    @GivenTheOkieDoke its metallic looking

  6. GivenTheOkieDoke Says:

    @NewsInKidsEyes Im pretty sure its gum on the right side of his mouth.

  7. checkyerself Says:

    dana white is like the white Don KIng

  8. Badguy260 Says:

    @asgbdhj yep thats why hes married has 3 kids and is rich he is totally gay

  9. LightYagame100000 Says:

    6:34 ’cause STONE COLD SAID SO !

  10. JoshuaHalvatzis Says:

    guys check out my mma videos

  11. phenomenom20 Says:

    Diego you didn’t LAND SHIT look at your face you nutcase you got your ass whooped and your takedowns were stuffed.

  12. babyface0514 Says:

    @cbproducktions ufc jus payed diego 177000 for his fight against kampmann. 4 to 8k is for a no name guy on 1 of ufc small lil fight sht

  13. KyleCoxTAMU Says:

    common at least get a damn HD flip camera dana lol wtf

  14. cbproducktions Says:


    They get paid by the organization they fight for (in this case the UFC) and by sponsors. Their sponsors typically pay them more. The UFC pays their fighters about 4-8K a fight unless they have been with the organization for years, on average. MMA is the hardest sport in the world (except for maybe wrestling) and fighters at that level of competition train as much as their bodies allow them. 1 2hr practice is 100x harder than a typical work shift. It’s no amazing lifestyle.

  15. tuikalavo Says:

    Sanchez is 1 badass mofo

  16. AlenWhite Says:

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  17. Thulgore Says:

    @Mike07P Marty Cordova apparently is some ex baseball player =P

  18. kanguesso Says:

    Diego Sanchez looks like the guy who lost. His face looks like he just walked out of a train wreck.

  19. Mike07P Says:

    who is the guy that Dana introduces at 4:08?

  20. josh1212121 Says:

    @000widescreen000 cool display pic. are you a girl. please say your a girl

  21. 000widescreen000 Says:

    He was probably in the audiance… or entered the event or some shit.

  22. 000widescreen000 Says:

    But UFC needs NY, thats where the money is. But i am sure NY will charge UFC a higher price to hold events and stuff there.

  23. RonSchinners Says:

    frankies got a woody!!

  24. MarsellsGamePlays Says:

    ufc 140 Justin bieber vs shogun dream fight

  25. TimichCop Says:

    diego took some weight!

  26. akaa fight Says:

    Wanna see more of this!

  27. fayette wrestling Says:

    Would love to see more

  28. new hampshire MMA Says:

    Anderson Silva would kill this guy!