Dana White video blog UFC 129 Day 3

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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30 Responses to “Dana White video blog UFC 129 Day 3”

  1. Jpbuckers Says:

    he’s from belarus you big douchebag!

  2. Alb78ful Says:

    Carwin is in meths..or what?

  3. MrRenier24 Says:

    carwin looking impressive

  4. xXBeastfromdaEastXx Says:

    @Str8Trapstar90 if u only care about the damn main event then ur not even really a fight fan. its not All about the main event. there were tons of other awesome fights on that card. Damn u missed out! homnick and jose aldo put on a hell of a show. even Vlad had a great KO. plus I got to see a legend have his final fight. so if u think anyone Wasted money on that then ur retarded

  5. dafuksup Says:

    @mmabuff101 he didnt approaxh him dumbass. dana was talking to someone else and nick was standing behind in the background. if anything dana snubbed nick first cuz he looked at him when nick wasnt looking then dana went over to him after.

  6. dafuksup Says:

    cool, dana was rockin a toronto maple leafs shirt. go leafs!

  7. MrSecondhorseman Says:

    @Str8Trapstar90 too bad, because it realy wasnt shitty at all.



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  10. chakadoo Says:

    did he ask Nick if he needed work?

    bring him back Dana…please

  11. JackFullerton Says:

    rory madonald does not fuck around he is the man

  12. hondafireblade111 Says:

    @abominative jake shields dad im pretty sure

  13. TheOverfiendDj Says:

    @lancelotb I agree.This is why people want to see the Anderson Silva GSP fight because they know that Silva is probably the only other fighter out there who can give GSP a serious challenge and Vice versa.Within a reasonable weight,of coarse.

  14. SuperMarioSilverback Says:

    You could see Vladi didn’t really appreciate jones talking

  15. lancelotb Says:

    @TheOverfiendDj you do make a valid point but i really do think if a more potent striker faced him they would be able to exploit this pattern, however he would most certainly use his wrestling, incredible strength and overall great ground game that he has against this. It’s definitely going to take a very special welterweight to succeed rush… if one ever comes

  16. mmabuff101 Says:

    hahahah 4:13 nick approaches dana, but when he turns around, he looks away like “oh i didnt even notice you were there, wassup dana” hahaha oh the social skills of nick, hes like a little child its cute. i hope he gets the gsp fight and gsp doesnt lay and pray for 5 rounds

  17. AndrewRyanJD Says:

    i was wondering who put the belt on gsp lmao thats awesome

  18. SexyCalculator Says:

    Dana just passed away, RIP
    Please pay your respects on the comments.

  19. abominative Says:

    4:20, Jon Fitch’s father.

  20. TheOverfiendDj Says:

    @lancelotb Shields couldnt stop him from doing it though.Which makes it all the more impressive IMO.Even when GSP was blind in one eye shields still couldnt do anything to him.I expected more from Shields too but he was forced to stay on his feet because he couldnt even take GSP down.People blame GSP and say he is boring and he doesnt finish etc but the other fighter is just as much to blame for that because they are not giving GSP a challenge.

  21. lancelotb Says:

    @TheOverfiendDj As clever as he is he did repeat the same thing over and over during that fight with shields. He had a pretty predictable pattern i thought and i was suprised someone regarded as highly as shields didnt adjust

  22. fcporto400 Says:

    U say nobody has finish Gsp lol u forgetting that he got k.o.and got sub already so anything can happen .get of Gsp bandwagon the guy hasnt take a risk to finish in a awhile.dominant but boring but u are to blind to see that all u see I’s him wining

  23. TheOverfiendDj Says:

    @fcporto400 shut up with this GSP cant finish bullshit.Nobody can finish GSP either so be quiet.

  24. crocopscarfie Says:

    whats he talking about between 3:00 and 3:15?

  25. fcporto400 Says:

    U tell me if that main event wasn’t the worst fight in that card .I’m not a Gsp fan but I know he I’s the best welterweight in the world .I rather watch a no name that actually leaves everything in the octagon win or Lose then watch Gsp dominate and not going for a finish or take risks in the fight

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