Georges St. Pierre hailed as the best by Sonnen

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the greatest fighter in the history of the promotion and he believes former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is the man who can claim to be the best ever.

Sonnen, always the showman, has never been someone to hold back the punches and during a recent appearance at ESPN MMA as an analyst, he did just the same as he discussed the respective careers of former UFC Middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva and Rush.

With the Brazilian failing a drugs test, his reputation as the greatest fighter in UFC history has taken quite a hit. The American faced Silva twice during his career and despite the two losses, managed to become the arch nemesis of the Brazilian.

He believes the pound for pound category has changed drastically over time and he doesn’t think there should be any argument in naming Georges St. Pierre as the greatest of all time. But he said that somehow, the UFC managed to put Anderson at the top, when Rush was easily the best pound for pound fighter out there.

They claimed Anderson was the best and UFC president Dana White also put his weight behind the Spider and all of a sudden, St. Pierre was bumped off the top and replaced by Anderson Silva.

SonnenĀ  claimed that he doesn’t want to hit Anderson Silva in a low point in his career but he has faced him twice and has worked on a lot of occasions with GSP as well and to him, the race is as clear as it gets and Georges St. Pierre wins it hands down over Anderson Silva as the greatest fighter that has graced the UFC in history.

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