Georges St-Pierre Promises To Be Tough Inside The Ring

During the active years of the mixed martial arts (MMA) competition of Georges St-Pierre, one thing that was famous was the former Welterweight champion Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) of the world couldn’t let to finish his opponents.

In fact, his seven defense title went the distance, with the last true knockout of his wins happening against Matt Serra in the year 2008.

When St-Pierre appeared on the MMA Hour, he said,” I have trained in a number of things, I am going to be more difficult for the guys hurt me and get finish me in the ring. Also, I am going to be more opportunistic”.

In the interview, Georges says if he finds his foe broken, he will try his best to finish it, unlike in his past bouts.

He further added that “They are accepting the defeat,” Before the conclusion of the fight, they knew that they will lose.”  He said, “The opponents, will fight with me, not with a goal to win the match, but not get beat up too much.” On the other hand, from my side, I will be fighting to win the match, it is going to be hard, but I am prepared for everything.”

In the days of my vacation, I have trained myself a lot and in many different ways. I am confident that, this will help me a lot and it will give a tough time to my opponent.”

Georges is unarguably a great player and his words could not be taken lightly. He is the player, who has all the potential. However, when it comes to winning the match, then the final decision should be left in the ring. On the day of the match, it will get clear who wins it.

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