Georges StPierre To Fight Against Robbie Lawler

If you are a fan of GSP or Georges St-Pierre they are sure to be delighted to hear the news of his imminent return this year.

There is a fight planned between him and Robbie Lawler among other fights. This will probably be held in New York as per report findings. GSP was a champion in the welterweight category and had this reputation before he vacated the belt in 2013. This happened after UFC 167. GSP has had it rough since the last fight that he had fought. However, champions are known to return and that is what he aims to do this year.

Most fans are hoping to find him in good form this year. He has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time. However, most fans are hoping that the time that he has taken off will help him come back in good form. His last fight had been with Hendricks which had done him considerable damage. He had cited reasons like drug test problems as well as having personal issues.

As a result, he had left and vacated the belt that he had valiantly defended for seven long years. The belt, however, was not held on by Hendricks as well. Robbie Lawler was defeated by Robbie Lawler for a vacant title. Lawler is known to be an old school fighter and he has a firm fan following in the community. As a result, both fighters have a reputation in the fighting community which is sure to raise a rage if a game is scheduled. Most fans are curious to see the fighting style of fighters who have not graced the ring for long. Along with epic players like John Cena coming back this year, UFC fans will have a lot to look forward to this year.

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