Georges St-Pierre says he needs more time to prepare following the announcement of his comeback fight against Michael Bisping.

The fight was announced in March but GSP says he needs until late 2017 to get in shape.

UFC and Bisping have tried to convince him to bring the duel forward but GSP’s responses show that a summer showdown would likely not happen. The former welterweight champ recently claimed his eye was the issue.

GSP says UFC knew of his eye injury before pressuring him to take the fight. He said UFC and Bisping knew a July date was not feasible yet they wanted to force it. With the negative response surrounding the game, St-Pierre says he was forced to speak on the hindrances, something he never planned to.

UFC president Dana White revealed that they were moving on after delays to the fight with Bisping. GSP said he felt uncomfortable while doing the press conference as he knew a summer fight was not possible.

He added that his advisors asked him not to talk about the eye injury but with the whole issues on ground, he had to speak up.

“It’s an eye injury, and it’s a long healing process. I had surgery done and everything is okay. It’s just, there’s a lapse of tie, minimum time, that I need to wait before I go back and train, especially if I take a risk to get hit on my eyes, because it can damage [it permanently],” GSP revealed.

GSP appealed for more recovery time. He claimed the fact that UFC announced the fight without a date shows that they were in the know on everything. The 36-year old fighter is rated as the greatest welterweight in MMA.


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