Michael Bisping, the veteran fighter who went on last year to defeat Luke Rockhold in a shocking victory, has said that George St-Pierre, the UFC legend who has been away from the sport for about three years and half, is out of his mind.

This came on the heels of St-Pierre’s return back to the game, and with the announcement made by Dana White, UFC’s President that the two time welterweight champion will have a title shot against Bisping, middleweight champion.

Bisping however is not overly enthusiastic about the possibility of having his second title defense against St-Pierre, MMA’s greatest welterweight and believes that it was a ridiculous idea for him to feature in a matchup against the legend.

Speaking via TMZ, Bisping said: “Georges St-Pierre is straight-up crazy if he thinks he’ll be able to stroll off the couch after a three-year break and beat me. The guy’s out of his mind.”

Looking at it for the first time, the comments made by Bisping may seem quite disrespectful. However, truth be told is that the toughest match of St-Pierre’s star studded career may just be this one as there are so many disadvantages that stand in the way of the legend.

First off, St-Pierre will be facing off a champion who is significantly stronger and larger than him. In addition to that, Bisping has won several other matches in recent times while GSP has not fought for a period of over three years.

Bisping, who was a light heavyweight contender before finding his success as a middleweight, holds a win over Anderson Silva – one of MMA’s top pound for pound fighters. Where he goes on to claim victory over GSP, he would finish off cementing an undeniable position for himself in the history of UFC.

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