Rashad Evans on facing Chael Sonnen at UFC 167, thought Gustafsson beat Jon Jones

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25 Responses to “Rashad Evans on facing Chael Sonnen at UFC 167, thought Gustafsson beat Jon Jones”

  1. Ken Pruitt Says:

    When asked why he doesn’t study BJJ, Chael Sonnen said, “I am a Republican,
    and Republicans don’t lay on their back with men between their legs.”

    No, they just get mounted and knocked the fuck out. Seriously, what a
    fucking dumbass. 

  2. martin hernandez Says:

    I favor Rashad to win but don’t underestimate Sonnen tho

  3. cplusplus04 Says:

    jbj won as always. dana, judges, jbj fans, jbj haters knew he 100% won. he
    won’t lose in the lhw division ever. Dana white told me that and everybody
    knows jbj won’t lose. LMAO.

  4. moen1337 Says:

    okey let’s just all agree right here and now that GUS vs JONES was so
    fucking close that it should’ve been a draw. But since it was in a
    titleshot fight, Jon Jones won due to nike sponsors bigger name (+money,
    profit toward next fight)

  5. CAF420ALLDAY7 Says:

    i hope evans shut’s that clown chael the fuck up

  6. coolbean yater Says:

    reshad is a cool dude but i just dont really see him as top 5 fighter at

  7. Mandy Lion Says:

    Just a class act

  8. iphone202020220 Says:

    Gus never beaten Jon jones,jon won 3,4,5 ,jon jones was never seriously
    hurt in the fight like gus peace out bitches jones won be mad

  9. Senkoy1 Says:

    I Evans but I’ll still be rooting for Chael.

  10. Julio Johanson Says:

    wow…this got real awkward after rashad didnt remember that he was in that
    city LOL

  11. phoenix ashes Says:

    I like this fight. Two fighters that don’t back peddle but I think Chael is
    gonna take this one.

  12. Zachary Wells Says:

    1:24 ”Joe Lauzon says he might test dirty just for being here”. HAHA

  13. J. Payne Says:

    Gustaffson won 1-3…bottom fucking line, MMA judging is bullshit, look at
    the Machida/Davis fight….

  14. Carl Xross Says:

    Agreed. I can’t believe so many dudes still think that building big muscles
    means something and impressive. It is actually very ugly and sign of being
    a homosexual in modern context.

  15. Carl Xross Says:

    LOL I still have the picture of Rashad lying down by the Octagon fence with
    both eyes rolled back after he got KO’d by Machida on my toilet wall. I get
    better defecating when I watch the photo. Rashad will be remembered most
    with that photo.

  16. Truth Soldier We Are Being Deceived Says:

    Koscheck? That half black who got destroyed by the best pound for pound
    fighter on the planet in GSP? What color is GSP? WHITE. Why can’t you give
    respect to white fighters? Cause your an anti-white nigger.

  17. SlickSopranoXXX Says:

    news to you,little boy, but skin color means dick! He obviously has Afro
    blood in him by his nose, mouth, and hair! You must think Koscheck and
    Trigg are full “white” too, huh? Anyway, get off your iPhone Daddy bought
    you and get back to playing COD that Mommy got you today, fag!

  18. Truth Soldier We Are Being Deceived Says:

    Whats that anti-white nigger? What color skin does Wanderlei have? WHITE.
    There are many white brazilians. And so what if Hendo is only half white?
    Half is a pretty big percentage. And at least he isn’t black.

  19. SlickSopranoXXX Says:

    LOL where the fuck do you get the idea of Wanderlei Silva being white?? LOL
    are you serious?? And just so you and your boyfriend who commented before
    know, Hendo is half Native, dumbasses!!!

  20. Hellblazer311 Says:

    Excited about this. I was honestly very surprised at how Chael dominated
    Shogun. I had a feeling he’d probably win, but not in that kind of
    devastating fashion. If he can do something similar to Rashad, it will
    prove he’s an elite fighter and could start a road toward the title again.
    I just want to see this man get a belt once, you just know the smack talk
    will be gold like the belt.

  21. Kirk Bushell Says:

    griffin the best? HAHAHAHA. And how funny you mention almost entire
    retired/dated fighters. Shows where your head’s at.

  22. Shelby M Says:

    :55 already showing effects from all his concussions.

  23. alphared10 Says:

    Rashad try to shit on jones every chance he gets,he could never go through
    the war that Jones went through,he would have wilt and gave up like when he
    fought Jones, ofter he just shit on jones he be talking about it was a
    great fight bla bla trying to be politically correct.

  24. alphared10 Says:

    Jones won the fight.

  25. alphared10 Says:

    ofcourse he would think gus beat Jones,wait was he expecting us to be