UFC 126 Anderson Silva & Vitor Belfort Weigh-In & Staredown

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28 Responses to “UFC 126 Anderson Silva & Vitor Belfort Weigh-In & Staredown”

  1. bumblebeeetuna Says:

    @wd40007 i second that

  2. wd40007 Says:

    Black chicks are nasty.

  3. vatoloco22 Says:

    @Xxskaterdude554xX its not racism at all… do you find whoopi goldberg attractive? no you dont? damn you must be so racist!!!! ive never seen such a racist guy just because you dont find a girl thats of another skin color attractive it means youre racist now. It’s not racism.. just grow up child.

  4. Xxskaterdude554xX Says:

    @vatoloco22 Now how does that sound the other girls that aren’t black happen to be attractive… Pure racism just shut up…

  5. vatoloco22 Says:

    @Xxskaterdude554xX i replied to somones comment about the girls, im not a racist.. i could have said fire that black girl and hire a sexier black girl, but i didn’t cause that would be pretty bad. I just don’t think shes attractive, jsut cause i dont think a black girl is attractive im a racist? theres other black girls that are attractive? it just so happens that those two other girls whom arn’t black, happen to be attractive…..

  6. SuperOveral Says:

    Ho ufc è ddddddddddiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss

  7. bramovitchz Says:

    all off ufc is bul chit

  8. bramovitchz Says:

    all off ufc is bul chit

  9. ZylexV11 Says:

    @vatoloco22 LOL i had to reply the video 3 times to see here…cuz honestly i watched the girl next to her the entire video!

  10. jgagne91681 Says:

    Silva is a HUGE 185er!!!

  11. kasinospsy Says:

    just uploaded it there!!! Enjoy!

  12. Titanium181991 Says:

    @vatoloco22 bullshit I think she fine lol

  13. ThePARTIZANSKI Says:

    haha dana looks like he shits in his pants

  14. TheNinjari Says:

    wtf is dana white eating these days ??

  15. TrueHellMedia Says:

    @mrtibbz10 Only because Silva is a spider monkey.

  16. mrtibbz10 Says:

    @TrueHellMedia and where did that get him? stretched out cold.

  17. guns6067 Says:

    O Vítor ficou com medo nessa hora, por mais experiente que seja, ficou claro. Também, o Anderson Silva na ponta do casco do jeito que ta, quem num ficaria, um nego confiante(nego no bom sentido, óbvio) e com fisico e mente perfeitos pra lutar, e ainda por cima , treinando com Steven Seagal! Oloco, ninguem derruba esse homem por uns par de anos!! Parabéns Anderson Silva. E parabéns tbm a Steven Seagal.. Afinal, mestre é mestre.

  18. mitchmagic23 Says:

    lol dana has a dick house shirt on

  19. SkyF0X9 Says:


    …. in his weight class.

  20. beedotgeedot Says:

    Belfort talked, Silva walked…. right through his ass.

  21. yomelo Says:

    I like how Silva almost sounds like Chris Tucker…a Chris Tucker that’ll KNOCK YOU DA FUCK OUT!@!!

  22. franzinhaafofa Says:

    rolou un sentimento ki eu to ligada..ahsuasuhsuh zouaaa

  23. TrueHellMedia Says:

    @TheEricYo No he didn’t, you stupid little faggot.

  24. TheEricYo Says:

    @TrueHellMedia vitor started talking shit first you dumb little homo

  25. TrueHellMedia Says:


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    Lights Out Rock!

  27. West Michigan Mixed Martial Arts Says:

    Such force!

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