UFC 130’s Rampage Jackson on Revenge Fights, His Black Fans + Motorboating

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25 Responses to “UFC 130’s Rampage Jackson on Revenge Fights, His Black Fans + Motorboating”

  1. 2PacsFatherNIGGA Says:

    @aberzblud ”i get hit on by black girls”

  2. jaycedace Says:

    you can tell who all the no pussy getting nerds in the comments section are, da mans a BOSS PLAYER

  3. RudeWARRIOR83 Says:

    at least he warned her about the humping

  4. FalloutDaViRUS Says:

    she wanted the penis….

  5. UallMine Says:

    Jamaican me horny

  6. TeXaS9MoSt7HaTeD2 Says:

    hahahaha you motorboating son of a bitch you hahaha, this fool is awesome

  7. bigboyhova Says:

    @JustinCase10261 hahhaa your so jealous of the real man lol

  8. thekruxnation Says:

    She would let him bang her… for sure.

  9. jayhilmes90 Says:

    This guy is just too funny!

  10. philcovaletudo Says:

    @Rand0mGameStuff yeah l noticed it… nice!!

  11. xkiller3456 Says:

    geta awy geta awy!! ahahahahahhahahah

  12. GoldenGhost42 Says:

    Look from 1:17 till the end at the guy in the background, he’s hilarious LOL

  13. Rand0mGameStuff Says:

    0:53 spidey sense! xD


    @yourDudeness909 thank you for that comment. At least there’s still some people on YouTube with common sense.

  15. jmdowkin Says:

    Lol funniest professional fighter out there man

  16. pyroteque Says:

    Did she leave the mic with him? This guy is crazy smooth with making ladies awkwardly comfortable/uncomfortable on camera while they interview him.

  17. shattrf Says:

    i love how he got rid of her

  18. JCH26421 Says:

    The guy in the back is lovin’ it!

  19. minimalist34 Says:

    ramapge.. i am impressed by your performance

  20. RevelationWarriors Says:

    This guy is gonna get sued someday

  21. w0rdisbond Says:

    @JustinCase10261 fuck you, 40 year old virgin pussy ass bitch

  22. w0rdisbond Says:

    damn, rampage’s the man when it comes to tha ladies!

    he was about to motorboat her for real and she woulda just stood there and laughed, THATS THE WAY TO DO IT!!!!

  23. vivekmoti Says:

    i shoulda been a fighter lol

  24. 2bored4school Says:

    @JustinCase10261 Honestly you sound like you have a bad case of..mad bro.

  25. aberzblud Says:

    @LesnarNextBigThingF5 no but i really am. at heart