UFC 132’s Chris Leben: “My Gut Instinct; It’s Gonna Be A Bloodbath”

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28 Responses to “UFC 132’s Chris Leben: “My Gut Instinct; It’s Gonna Be A Bloodbath””

  1. ian55554 Says:

    his hair looks like someone took a marker and just went crazy with it.

  2. signboyy Says:

    how did leben not get ko of the night? condit had a great one but dana needs to stop being stingy and award two ko’s of the night sometimes.

  3. dragonbut Says:

    Chris actually seems pretty cool. Saw a few of his interviews this guy actually talks a lot of sense, used to think hes a dick from the old TUF days

  4. Askinnycambodiankid Says:

    I have so much respect for this guy.This guy has so much heart!Chris your my favorite fighter!

  5. Gripmaster3000 Says:

    It’s sad Bout wandy, Chuck mirko you know… The list will continue. I do think In MMA you’ll have ALOT less of a career span then in boxing, Fuck all that you take less punishment. I think getting hit several times HARD after you’re already knocked out does more damage then just getting hit while you’re on your feet. I like MMA and all but… jesus I’m not one of these idiots that just watch for KO’s and want to see people hurt. I watch for good fights. doesnt matter if its boxing mma kickboxin

  6. enime Says:

    @cclawfjj She draws with Ariel Helwani, he’s also really well spoken and articulate.

  7. AJShonest Says:

    I saw him leaving MGM yesterday:)

  8. jessiermorrison84 Says:

    it was a great 27 sec

  9. kpheu Says:

    Seems like he a cool dude

  10. 1029Itachi Says:

    @bogoio In my opinion, Ariel Helwani has gotten really cocky lately for how popular he has become. Either way, they are still the top two journalists in MMA. (^_^)

  11. bogoio Says:

    both are good MMA journalists

  12. 1029Itachi Says:

    Looks like Ariel Helwani is getting some serious competition. XP
    Keep up the good work Karyn Bryant! (^_^)

  13. GallieMaynard Says:

    Hard to pick a winner for this one. Love both wandy and leben.

  14. BigBadassR Says:

    Leben certainly seems to have grown as a person.

  15. alexth14209 Says:

    I will always be a fan of the CRIPPLER.

    “Puttin the stamp on kids”

  16. mjccmc82 Says:

    @hondafireblade111 I love when he says dumb shit like that ; he’s hilarious

  17. VCthaGOATdunker Says:

    Only in a place where competition is a little easier.

  18. njrp77 Says:

    @VCthaGOATdunker U Mad Bro?

  19. Atmosphereification Says:

    Damn, look at Lebens hair. 🙁

  20. d314j4 Says:

    damn the chris leben now doesnt even compare with the chris leben 5 years ago! hes seems like hes in a really good place! happy for the guy! i dont know who to root for, both guys are awesome people! p.s. karyn bryant is fit as fuck…

  21. shooter246123 Says:

    @cclawfjj Ya she’s really growing on me.

  22. jenskeahanjakub Says:

    Leben by flying gogoplata

  23. justanotherandomdude Says:

    lebens hair looks like it was painted on with a red magic marker, lmao

  24. RembranTcg Says:

    what the fuck are you doing with your hair man…

  25. VCthaGOATdunker Says:

    I hope Wanderlei brutally knocks this nail polishing fool out. So he can go back to the minor leagues where competition is a little easier.

  26. Maes MMA Says:

    What does John Maes say about this?

  27. Emelianenko Says:

    Emelianenko rocks!

  28. Mauricio MMA Says:

    First! 🙂