UFC 133 Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz + Ebersole + Philippou (Gracie Breakdown)

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25 Responses to “UFC 133 Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz + Ebersole + Philippou (Gracie Breakdown)”

  1. gunthypunthy Says:

    i wish i could do what they do but i live in small town where there no one doing this i must learn this before i die

  2. adriano7rofeh Says:

    Fantastic breakdown, I liked how they recreated the knee bar between Rashad and Tito! The explanation of how an Omoplata works! Dr.V

  3. winterow Says:

    Jiu-Jistu RULES!

  4. teamcharlieisthebest Says:

    star wars episode 3

  5. yorkshirerepresenter Says:

    @GanzLONDON 10-4? my voice went out the door? lol not brazil tings mate

  6. westside4lifez Says:

    cool video guys

  7. ksucatinokc Says:

    I can’t say enough how positive you guys are!! As a coach (basketball) who works with kids, it is awesome to see you do what you do!! When I played basketball in college I was very skinny and undersized and self-taught myself some simple techniques to get leverage while blocking out, setting screens, etc. Little stuff that the officials couldn’t see, but would gain me small advantages. I suppose in hind sight it was like applying very simple principles of GJJ to a different sport!! Thanks!!

  8. GanzLONDON Says:

    @scarred10 Are you gonna tell me then that USA citizens speak the way he does ? And that is a common mistake for US Americans ? ( Mr.Miss Teen South Caroline )

    Or are you just saying what you’re saying for the Children and Iraq ! Dumb ass !
    Have you ever heard of wikipedia ? Type Ryron Gracie ! Do you think you can do that son ?

    Next time you call someone american, when they are brazilians be aware that it is a serious offense !

  9. scarred10 Says:

    @GanzLONDON they are americans,not brazilians ,both were born,educated and spent their entire lives in america.

  10. brandon207 Says:

    I already commented, but I’ll say Planet of the Apes again to heighten my chances 😉

  11. BeatRider44 Says:

    Planet of the apes ! Great breakdown

  12. holdlifeloosely Says:

    Planet of the apes, and great vid guys.

  13. elmoleglocklol Says:

    Love your guys explanations.
    I think Ryron went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

  14. GanzLONDON Says:

    Ryron , you should’ve said “He could have gone” 02:20 instead of the “He could have went”.
    Common mistake for Brazilians ! Take care !

  15. lxlordxl Says:

    Tekken. Thanks for the breakdown guys ! Keep it real

  16. fubar13 Says:

    Keep it real! Outstanding breakdown, Rise of the planet of the apes. GJJ 4 life!

  17. JJDreamz10 Says:

    Keep it real. GJJ 4 life! lol. Awsome breakdown. Can u guys go over the mental preperation for fighting, not only mma but real life. Planet of the Apes for sure.

  18. Zwollem Says:

    13:17 epic face!

  19. marcelloamadori Says:

    Awesome breakdown as always! I’m totally addicted to GJJ!
    Conan the Barbarian.

  20. irone93 Says:

    Conan the Barbarian. Can not thank you enough for sharing GJJ with the world.

  21. ohgeewhiz1968 Says:

    I really enjoy this series. The break-downs really expand your understanding of the ground game.

  22. Pyloff Says:

    Excellent marketing.

    Quick question how many languages do you guys speak?

  23. ShyArtist52 Says:

    I enjoyed the breakdown. Thanks!

  24. kingfitz888 Says:

    Planet of the Apes… Thanks guys!

  25. youartoyube Says:

    The Smurfs, for sure! I was there with him 😉