UFC 133: Tito Ortiz Wants To Go Fishing, But Will Fight Rashad Evans Instead

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25 Responses to “UFC 133: Tito Ortiz Wants To Go Fishing, But Will Fight Rashad Evans Instead”

  1. shay33ish Says:

    Kick ass TITO!

  2. sandmman89 Says:

    Tito looks way bigger then before. He sounds very confident going into this fight, too. I would like to see him use more upper cuts when Rashad shoots in. The first fight he didn’t, and I know they’ll be a useful tool if he uses it this fight.

  3. thatcanadienguyehh Says:

    @bm2g i really dont know


    That retard who was bj Penns striking coach is working with Tito now. Jason? He sucks arienni heilwannies BALLS!! Does tit really think that scrawny faggot can mimic Rashad s speed? God help him. He’s gonna get knocked the FUCK OUT

  5. BroskY250 Says:

    tito looks really built


    @GinGeeK yeah he,ll need everything he has when facing Evans!
    Chuck Gracie

  7. rfc2031 Says:

    karyn when are we going to see you in the octagon taking on ariel??? i think u would handle him pretty easy lol 🙂

  8. GenXXX32 Says:

    haha not even Tito beleaves his own Shit.
    fuck you Rashad.

  9. Swimswimswim99 Says:

    @jmanb1 He said that he walks around at 230.

  10. bm2g Says:

    @thatcanadienguyehh why are you watching then punk?

  11. thatcanadienguyehh Says:

    tito nobody wants to buy your retarded punishment clothes

  12. jmanb1 Says:

    Tito looking like a heavyweight damn

  13. SpiritKurama Says:

    @johnnyrainbow50 you should see Rashad then.. Tito is nothing compared to the like 15 pounds of muscle Rashad put on

  14. oluwakamau Says:

    Tito looks MASSIVE!

  15. SpiritKurama Says:

    @grimmjowi those aren’t chucks shorts.. there titos just inverted colors..

  16. SpiritKurama Says:

    @cclawfjj not even close you and 41 others are retarded

  17. jmanb1 Says:

    This bitch is so fake and irritating

  18. ixHENDYxi Says:

    @muchohumpty Not when there is plenty of people who deserve it,very rarely do they give a title shot to people who cant win it or don’t deserve it.Dan Hardy is only the immediate name that comes to mind.

  19. grimmjowi Says:

    WTF???? Why does Tito have Chucks Iceman shots on?? Has Chuck given them to him as a gift to show respect??

  20. johnnyrainbow50 Says:

    Damn Tito looks jacked

  21. gunit3333 Says:

    i wonder how good these fighters really feel when they say they feel amazing…esp after such serious injuries, its not really possible to recover completely from those right? i guess the power of attitude

  22. p4cific Says:

    tito:the ones that didn’t believe in me,now they started hopping onto the bandwagon

    105 ppl will hop off jenna’s pussy after this fight

  23. jack11643 Says:

    @mercury072 Im a Tito and Rashad fan, so i can neutrally look at this fight. Rashad is a far better striker than Ortiz now, and is a level above him……..It wont happen, and i will remind you that i told you so after the fight.

  24. thefightingclub1 Says:

    I hate this phony cunt always have….

  25. hotstixx Says:

    i wonder if titos new form has anything to do with t.r.t. ?
    good luck to him,just not sure he can catch speedy rashad.