UFC 135: Jones vs Rampage

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23 Responses to “UFC 135: Jones vs Rampage”

  1. ryan9312 Says:

    whoa you got into phoenix?! I applied but I didn’t get in because I’m nobody on the face of the earth

  2. StrawPipe Says:

    I already have my bachelors in psychology and I’m currently in graduate school at the University of Phoenix getting my doctorate in Forensic Psychology… So yeah, you kind of got lost but it’s no big deal. Confidence IS a good thing so keep up the good posts bud. 🙂

  3. ShortCamarillo6 Says:


  4. TheCorenator Says:

    I dont agree with anything you have to say, but if it gives me confidence and makes me feel better then why bother? Isn’t confidence a good thing? Might wanna check your psychology book.

  5. StrawPipe Says:

    Lol. Not when I replied to your comment. And take it easy. It was a joke because you always see people trying to get thumbs up. I don’t know why I think the psychological aspect of it all has a direct correlation with confidence. If people thumbs up you you feel better about yourself. You know? Just my psychological perspective but take it easy bud, you’ll get more I’m sure. Hang in there.

  6. profileN7 Says:

    it’ll be the greatest fight in UFC history. i can just imagine….

  7. Interchan Says:

    Where can you see the actual fights and not some previews ?

  8. TheCorenator Says:

    That little thumb at the bottom corner of the comment.. that means that the status has been liked. Twice. Bitch

  9. StrawPipe Says:

    Lol.. Nobody liked your comment. Funny stuff

  10. TheCorenator Says:

    Jones vs Anderson Silva… Like if you agree.

  11. porcosdep Says:

    is that rampage ? the guy that says he´s better than anyone and runs his little mouth like he is the man ? it looks like rampage is jones bitch

  12. Duda Simon Says:

    quero dar o cú

  13. Guard Passer Says:

    i love the sound it makes when i thumbs down yours

  14. T Wash Says:

    Jones just looks skinnier because of his height. Rampage looks more massive than jones because he is shorter.

  15. Toni Bartolini Says:

    i hate the new sound when you like a comment

  16. TheDanielG13 Says:

    usain bolt of mma

  17. TeyTelevision Says:

    Don’t talk like Rampage just sucks. He’d kick your ass.

  18. LouisMorrisonTv Says:

    omg is it really this hard to just find the full fight

  19. ztwntyn8 Says:

    eat cock, you we were looking to see a fight. fucking bastards

  20. SullyMediaProduction Says:

    John Jones is a really cool guy.

  21. ExtraLargeThisTime Says:

    Hell yeah 

  22. Chris James Says:

    thumbs up if you like Jon “Bones” Jones

  23. MG9ism Says:

    Do any of these tools know what a fucking fight is? Hide away and keep pulling your knob, thats Your business….. don’t come out here telling everyone You got PUSSY….when it is pretty obvious the only fight experience You have is getting Your stubby out of Your pants….