UFC 135 Rampage vs Jon Jones PRO’s PICKS ft. Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, Shogun, Tito, Frank Mir

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25 Responses to “UFC 135 Rampage vs Jon Jones PRO’s PICKS ft. Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, Shogun, Tito, Frank Mir”

  1. CaesarThaApeGod Says:

    Everyone that picked Rampage should have their Knees kicked.

  2. alphared10 Says:

    @johnchillin24 you sound like someone who lost all there money on some bet…too bad don’t take it out on jones know…rampage is no pushover he have a very strong core….and everyone knows that he have one of if not the best take down defense in MMA…jones is not a one dimensional fighter that,s why he pepper page with kicks and punches..he didn’t have to take page down to beat him,page was defending that choke but jones got him too bad you see it a different way.

  3. alphared10 Says:

    why that ass hole Tito is praying for jones to get Ko…talking about if jones is smart he would take page down and bla bla bla…jones stood and pepper page with kicks knees and punches…Titot acting like he got jones figure out…any one of them step in the cage thinking they have that young buck figured out..then they are in for a big surprised because jones is well rounded for someone who bin doing MMA for 3 years.

  4. johnchillin24 Says:


    sounds like a moron sentence to me. check your reflection then get back to me.

  5. JerryBalcazar88 Says:

    What the heck did Rua say? Lol his English is very strange

  6. k1marg Says:

    @johnchillin24 You’re one fucked up moron!

  7. TKSiate Says:

    shit everyone was wrong.

  8. 49ERSATX Says:

    @svgcr LMFAO !!!

  9. iraqifreak1 Says:

    what language is shogun talking???

  10. LikeTotallyRich Says:

    @Brooklyn9536 True. I lost some money…. but did you know that i already earned 30$k with these kind of bets so i will always bet on heavy underdog. Not only this but when i bet i usually get an option to bet for all bests i have selected. Like if the 3 fighters i betted on with their fight the 3 i have a massive win. So… i don’t care to lose 300-400$ when my account balance on bodog is still 17$k

  11. bringingyouthetruth1 Says:

    @svgcr for real. because you know that son of a bitch would have got to preaching about lord Jesus Christ or some shit.

  12. gardenvarietypenis Says:

    MarketGuide bread

  13. johnchillin24 Says:

    i shouldn’t have said those things about rampage. he is a good fighter and i’ve seen him battle through some wars. i was just disappointed.

  14. johnchillin24 Says:

    rampage always puts on a fake fight face before each fight.

  15. johnchillin24 Says:

    his kicks looked easy to block, the 360 elbows were telegraphed, and the strength he displayed in the shogun, bader, and hammil fights were missing. he couldn’t take rampage down. but that koschek vs. hughes fight was on point.

  16. johnchillin24 Says:

    rampage was paid to lose that fight. he gave him his neck in that choke. jon looked like he thought…..oh now its time. no way an experienced fighter with the wrestling background of rampage loses to a rear naked choke. truthfully, i thought jon looked bad. i thought he was a better fighter than that. he might lose to rashad and he certainly can’t beat machida.

  17. BibiPassmore Says:

    I like to see such a wonderful game.

  18. Brooklyn9536 Says:

    @LikeTotallyRich hahahaha you lost all your bet hughes,gomi,rampage got their ass kick

  19. MegaSlayerr Says:

    @yugofaith123 lol He wont be able to stay at lhw as he gets older he ll gain weight

  20. yugofaith123 Says:

    @MegaSlayerr jones has destroed everyone at lhw and hes the champ and his natural weight is 220. he cuts to be a long lean powerful 205. hes fine at 205 he has the belt, no need to go to heavweight

  21. MegaSlayerr Says:

    @AsurasWrath how is his power over ratted ? the dude has serious power in both hands
    And jones future isnt in LHW its in HW no way a dude his size will be able to stay 205

  22. CaesarThaApeGod Says:

    Jones beat some sense into Shogun 8)

  23. AsurasWrath Says:

    Rampage power = overrated as hell.
    when was Rampage last KO his opponent?
    way back at 2008 KO Wanderlei Silva whom KO Rampage him twice in Pride.

    i think many fighters just don’t want to admit Jon Jones is going to be the future in the light-heavyweight.
    i already seeing Reshad loosing to Jones in his next title defense.
    after that, it should be Machida turn, Dana White is hating Machida a bit now so Machida probably won’t get a title shot anytime soon.

  24. AsurasWrath Says:

    Frank Mir pick Rampage lol. i guess he don’t want to admit Jon Jones could beat him if Jon Jones just climb to fight the heavyweight division.
    Jon Jones walk around 220ib, he could fight at heavyweight if he want too just like Anderson Silva climb to light heavyweight and make Forrest Griffin look like a running scary cat.

  25. Boogieman833 Says:

    sounds like Shogun likes the Jonas bros