UFC 144: Post-fight Press Conference

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25 Responses to “UFC 144: Post-fight Press Conference”

  1. shaunyb0i Says:

    I still looking for that hat Pettis.

  2. Quinntensity Says:

    Man, those light weights are so damn classy.

  3. masteroflife777 Says:

    The reason Dana is very depressed is because he is now facing the fact that all of his champions will all be Minorities.. In an American based corporation.. Sorry Dana..

  4. BlueDev89 Says:

    Look at Edgar’s face and he actually thinks he won? Wow.

  5. fleetcadi1 Says:

    i dont care about either of them but i hate frankie even worst and he dosent deserve a imidiate rematch u know he loss he can fuck off u didnt see cain get a imidiate rematch u didnt see shogun get one either so why should he frankie got the liven shit beat out of him

  6. VestaaaHD Says:

    ya im pretty sure bj is coming back but honestly i dont see pettis being able to beat henderson in there rematch, this coming from someone who hates henderson

  7. MrTravisj89 Says:

    After Frankie Says he cuts no weight to stay at 155, besides maybe a pound before weigh ins, he gets asked “frankie if you were to move to 145, how much weight would you have to lose” Good question

  8. fleetcadi1 Says:

    im not mad but i know it would be a awsome fight and honestly i stopped carring for the lightweight when Bi Penn left but i think Bj Penn is comming back ill have to check wikipedia lol

  9. jbatres1 Says:

    Hate on Edgar all you want but he is the best lets see Henderson defend his title more than once and retain it Henderson fights at that weight to take the easy way out

  10. VestaaaHD Says:

    LOL i bet you had to look on wikipedia for them details kid, pettis is overated ever since he did the superkick. umad?

  11. fleetcadi1 Says:

    he beat ben hendersons ass in WEC 53 in December 16, 2010 and u do realize he is 15-2 By knockout 6 By submission 6 By decision 3 and 2 losses he aint no joke look how bad ass ben henderson was and he was no match to anthony its nice to know facs and history before shootin off at the mouth

  12. VestaaaHD Says:

    hes 2-1 in ufc 1 win via split decision and 1 KOing someone thats not even top 5

  13. mjdp1978 Says:

    ah hahah the question at 12.53 my god, get that man to Berlitz

  14. fleetcadi1 Says:

    Anthony Pettis

  15. VestaaaHD Says:

    who do you think is deserving of a title shot?

  16. fleetcadi1 Says:

    thats how the ufc used to be but not anymore nows its just whore cunt shit who ever sells the most PPV’s gets the shot not whos next or the best

  17. JAKE887 Says:


  18. fleetcadi1 Says:

    everyone knows frankie got face fucked like a hooker and ben henderson was untouched and fucked that little bitch boy up frankie needs to down to the botton of the pile so ben can fight the others that are already in line as u already know 

  19. JAKE887 Says:

    no, im mad cuz he’s getting the immediate re-match and in his pewny little head he thinks he won it

  20. fleetcadi1 Says:

    hey is that u chael lmao dont talk shit about frankie im sure he is in enough pain now that he is going to cry like tito all the way back to jersey shore and cant rub the belt on snookies cunt and let the situation wear it so frankie can get his aproval lmfao

  21. JAKE887 Says:

    Frankie Edgar…You Absolutely Suck!!!

  22. TheMaYnEvEnT Says:

    Yeah boy Mark Hunt reppin New Zealand making us proud

  23. deadboy1026 Says:

    haha u make me laugh brock was a joke did u see his last 3 fights he got dominated dana sucked up 2 brock giving him title shots after every fucking win knowing theres people in HW who proly has 8 wins streak he was scared of hw,s his size or bigger he was scared of overeem proly scared of cain&shane lol brockthe man of the sport u make me lmao

  24. KUPHSER Says:

    i was heart broken when edgar lost. great fight none the less, couldve gone either way i think but bottom line henderson won. hope edgar gets the LW title again

  25. valygomu Says:

    WOW… the bald head of Dana White is so shiny I can read the future into it like in a crystal ball