UFC 159 Countdown: Jones vs. Sonnen

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 159 Countdown: Jones vs. Sonnen”

  1. Den Den Mushi Says:

    Mayweather is the greatest salesman

  2. N1ghtstar4 Says:

    Sonnen is the greatest fighter in history, he’s the greatest salesman.

  3. 80sspirit4ever Says:

    I want to see the fight not this

  4. diegolmedo Says:

    early stoppage

  5. AltheNAIJ4G00N3R Says:

    Jon Jones is scary…His limbs are so long and he generates so much torque and force with those arms.

  6. DJrezafication Says:

    Chael admitted he knew Dan Henderson was injured because they’re pretty much best friends. So they decided to try to set up Jon Jones. That way Chael could be training for Jones and Jones would have no idea he would be facing Sonnen until the last possible moment.

  7. DJrezafication Says:

    Listening to Chael Sonnen you would think he gave Anderson a bloody face and came out the winner…but the exact opposite happened. The guy is full of shit. He’s funny, but he’s full of shit.

  8. brate wrachara Says:

    My family laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Fat Blast Factor, but then I showed them the results. Go google Fat Blast Factor to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  9. lakieman5 Says:

    Oh my bad i always get them mixed up

  10. MINI15980 Says:

    this is not WWE dude. I think you’re confusing

  11. NoredineN Says:

    they’ve already faught

  12. Khaizer Rism Says:

    I’m the number one mma wrestler in the world and that can be disputed only by George St.pierre. =) ahahaha nuff said… cHAEL is the boss!

  13. trevorcarterva Says:

    Jones will be victorious. Chael will give him a fight though.

  14. NocTurNal0113 Says:

    Are you joking?? jon jones could technically be classed as the greatest fighter on the planet. (Hes not acting mate, he means business)

  15. NirajC72 Says:

    on your knees…

  16. lakieman5 Says:

    This is cool and all but….. reading these comments… everybody knows these guys are actors right?

  17. Devin Dubose Says:

    I know sonnen has a wrestling background, but that doesn’t mean cut a wwe promo before you fight someone you’re completely outclassed by.

  18. P Fnatic Says:

    Sonnen is a brawler. His technique is far inferior to the top fighters. The only reason he went the distance with Silva in the first fight is because he was on something at the time. He was shown his place in the second fight with Silva. Also, Jones completely outclassed and destroyed Sonnen. Sonnen should move down the weight where he stands a chance with other guys. He has no future as a light heavy weight.

  19. kevin12abcde Says:

    Like if you want Silva and Jones to fight on ufc 161-164

  20. BrockLesnar RKO Says:

    If bigfoot wins im done with hw division!

  21. lexi blair Says:

    yea joe

  22. HipHopHead187 Says:

    Yea I agree.

  23. scoobydoomynigga Says:

    Gf sonnen scrub just quit trying you’ll never get a belt

  24. samsung8665 Says:

    Jones will destroy him gaurenteed

  25. Angel Dejesus Says:

    fail sonnen