UFC 161: Dana White Talks Rampage, Josh Thomson and More

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25 Responses to “UFC 161: Dana White Talks Rampage, Josh Thomson and More”

  1. DeniseFordyce980 Says:

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  2. kanguesso Says:

    I Truly thought it was a draw at best.

  3. randumo24 Says:

    29-28 Davis(first two rounds for Davis, 3rd for Machida) Neither one did enough to complain about losing though. The takedowns in the first two rounds are why I gave the rounds to Davis, because neither did much standing & Machida never even got close to getting up in the couple minutes he was down.

  4. kanguesso Says:

    LMAO, how did you score that fight, BE HONEST.

  5. randumo24 Says:

    Not anymore.

  6. 78bcat Says:

    I bet the commissioners of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL get together and have a good laugh when somebody mentions that Dana White said one day the UFC would be joining them. Bald, petty, crass, boxercising clown…

  7. 78bcat Says:

    “Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure stupidness”

    Pot meet Kettle…

  8. kanguesso Says:

    Davis is simply not as well rounded enough to deal with someone like Machida. Machida will run circles around him, frustrate him and maybe even put him away.

  9. Joel Tardieff Says:

    The guy is damn near an Olympic level wrestler. He is 11-1 in the UFC. Is the only person to beat Gustafsson. I would rather see Machida fight Teix, but Phil Davis is the last ranked fighter who is not scheduled to fight. Davis is not as sorry as you are making him out to be, if he can get to Machida he can put him on the ground. I doubt he will win, but I also don’t think he will be completely dominated.

  10. kanguesso Says:

    Phil Davis is a big name guy? Machida will toy with Phil Davis. I’d be shocked if Davis even finds Machida inside the octagon.

  11. Joel Tardieff Says:

    Your right, Machida did earn a title shot, and he lost. Now you have to work your way back up. And Dana White just promotes anyone- Sonnen, Belfort, now those are 2 guys who did not deserve a shot at 205. I really wanted to see Machida beat another big name guy before he got a rematch, and he has a chance to that in his next fight. If he dominates Phil Davis, he will probably jump Tex and become the #1 contender.

  12. kanguesso Says:

    Well, Machida was a champ too. And guys is he supposedly jumping over? Glover Texeira? Gustafsson? Please. Machida has more than earned it. He came back and put a string of victories and finishes, not to mention the fact that Dana White himself had Promised Machida the rematch. Look, i am not a Machida Fan per se, but i think he is just as deserving of the shot as anyone else.

  13. BeLikeWater1000 Says:

    A better baby basket!!  Fucking LAWL!!!!

  14. Joel Tardieff Says:

    Machida should get a rematch, but, I don’t feel he should be able to jump guys to have been working their way up the ladder. He had a shot and he lost, I think Gust and Tex deserve their shot, and if neither of them can get it done, then Machida again. And yes sometimes the matte in which you lose does determine rematches, remember when Machida beat Shogun the first time, Shogun gat a immediate rematch because the first fight was so competitive. And Cain was the champ, so of course he gets one.

  15. unvme0813 Says:

    Its not like Dana hand picks every fight moron. He tells fighters to finish fights and put on a show, its not his fault they’re boring as shit. Who buys the PPV anyway for a shit card like that? Just watch it online unless it actually has good fights on it.

  16. kanguesso Says:

    A rematch of someone who was put to sleep in the second round? True, but that someone is the only someone who has managed to even win a round against Jon Jones in the UFC. I didn’t know rematches were given according to how the challenger lost the first encounter. By that logic, Cain Velasquez never should have gotten a rematch against JDS. After all, Cain got knocked the fuck out in 64 seconds.

  17. Joel Tardieff Says:

    So beating Hendo and Bader means you earned a rematch? I would much rather see the Gusto fight, and next a Jones vs Tex fight, rather than a rematch of someone who was put to sleep in the 2nd round. Machida will get his rematch, but once you lose you have to climb back up the ladder. There are guys who have been working just as hard and deserve there title shot.

  18. javymontijo Says:

    So was ufc when it started assshole

  19. Dimsonny Says:

    you’re an idiot. lol warmma is regional with no money.

  20. HyperhyperPsyCrow Says:

    pure stupidness:)

  21. USFCpresident Says:

    Bro…………….it fucking sucked

  22. USFCpresident Says:

    are you fucking retarded.Machida won the first round STANDING, and sine jones had common sense he took hi down and busted him open.btw i dont know if youve ever been in a marcellotine but after 4 seconds you go out.dont care who you are.

  23. 16654cbd Says:

    Jones annihilated Machida?? He caught him with a lucky punch and grabbed a guillotine after he lost the first round. Machida deserves a rematch

  24. gijsbert zondervan Says:

    haha uncle tom american history x xd

  25. CurtyWerty1 Says:

    someone should fine dana white for disrespecting roy nelson like how diaz gets fined for the same crime.