UFC 177 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

Online video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC 177 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3”

  1. Michael Wiest Says:

    Can I pay like 15 bucks just for this fight

  2. Lincoln Abraham Says:

    dillishaw making me hate him :(

  3. moneyxl00 Says:

    fckin hate that black dude that just yells… the fuck does he do anyway?
    dude is a joke lmaoo 

  4. MMA NUT Says:

    Damn so many wannabe fight fans on here… This card is great!

  5. hi4827 Says:

    Anyone else want Ferguson to KO the hell out of Castillo? 

  6. Gshot Kitten Says:

    In these videos I barely see Tj training he needs to focus and stop
    polishing his belt otherwise he is going to lose it

  7. Antix Says:

    all these fucking miserable faggots whining about dillishaw. WAH WAH HE HAS

    i call them niggas KY cause they fucking jelly.

  8. uA Doguhan Says:

    Again just like 15secs footage of Barao.. Fuck this shit i aint watchin no
    embedded 177 anymore. TJ or BJ whatever the fuck the name is, hide yo wife
    hide yo benz hide yo boat Baroa is comin for yo skinny ass u gonna get
    subbed son

  9. gsahrens Says:

    damn TJ is so in love with himself, what a egocentric piece of shit

  10. robTorturewright . Says:

    2:37 Clearly taking a shot at TJ there, I really hope Danny knocks that
    motherfucker out, he was a dick on TUF and he’s even more of a dick now

  11. The reformed troll formerly known as Zen Master Says:

    The cockier Castillo gets the more I like watching Pettis knock him the
    fuck out. 

  12. tahitiantraveler1 Says:

    Wait, this card is free right? 

  13. Money May Says:

    could anyone read Barao’s weight?

  14. Jason Cao Says:

    Damn they are trying to promote the hell out of this card lol

  15. Ricardo Quezada Says:

    Dillashaw acting like a wannabe Mayweather. Showing off to much.. 

  16. Live Free Says:

    Barao weighed in at 70 kilograms, and that’s 154 pounds. He’s nine pounds
    over, as of Tuesday 

  17. Rory Meeks Says:

    TJ by 2nd round KO

  18. thaghost1988 Says:

    A massage by a fat hairy man is not my cup of tea

  19. a.gon Says:

    Fuck Dillashaw!

  20. lisenyoudontknowme Says:

    dillashaw will lose 

  21. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Says:

    *UFC 177 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3*

    On episode 3 of UFC 177 Embedded, fight week is underway as the stars
    converge on the host hotel in Sacramento to check in and check weight with
    UFC officials. Bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw meets his twin and
    feels the pressure of the iron thumb, as former titlist Renan Barao talks
    hairstyles with Site Coordinator Burt Watson. Co-main event lightweight
    Tony Ferguson gets his gear in order before heading to the park for an old
    school workout, and his opponent, local boy Danny Castillo, trains at his
    home gym with the object of his desire always in sight. UFC Embedded is an
    all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog series focusing on the days
    leading up to the #UFC 177 bantamweight title rematch, Saturday, August
    30th on Pay-Per-View.

  22. jrosworld Says:

    There’s just something about Castillo’s face that makes me angry.

  23. Saudii HD Says:


  24. TheAAP2011 Says:

    Is Dillashaw sponsored from everyone??? “my favorite yacht company” “my
    oxigen clinic” “Ironthumb”….

  25. TheOoze06 Says:

    LOL at the guy at 1:56… Trying to look all hard with a gay ass shirt n
    two black eyes!