UFC 182: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Speak Ahead of Grudge Match

Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 182: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Speak Ahead of Grudge Match”

  1. Rodolfo Martins de Barros Says:

    DC via flying shoe!

  2. jabjab jab Says:

    Jon Jones with that smug look again. He’s lucky I’m not no.1 contender.

  3. Kasper Ancher Says:

    Why are the other fight network vidoes not watchable?.. Maybe its just me?

  4. Rush Fanbaugh Says:

    John Pollock ran out of Canadian symbols after hockey sticks and maple
    syrup, so he said hockey again.

  5. feras ahmed Says:

    dc looks a bit pale in this video, you can see the struggle to make 205.
    hope he doesn’t fade like barao

  6. Unter Heimerdal Says:

    Am I the only one who find cormier “odd looking” in this interview. It
    looks like he is sick… :/

  7. OsoInfinite95 Says:

    Everytime Cormier speaks Jones looks like a 4 year old who just had his toy
    taken away

  8. Kwame El-Bey Says:

    Im proud of both my Black brothers! The UFC mainly had a Caucasian fan
    base. Now today with Jon Jones/ Cain/ Rumble/ Daniel. ect. Us Blacks have
    taken over. This is a win win situation for us.

  9. w0y1z92753 Says:

    Kimbo would smoke both these fools. Real talk.

  10. playingdablues Says:

    Nice interview – classic Canadiana! Pollack sure does sound a bit hoser-ish
    at times. And why does he shout everything he says?

  11. jack black Says:

    DC vs Gustafson should have been made then the winner shld have got the
    shot to fight Bones 

  12. Michael Yang Says:

    Jones had a good run, he will lose bad and may not recover from this
    because of his ego.

  13. John Sablan Says:

    We were all duped by the UFC again! The fight was not even close.

  14. Dhalsim Jones Says:

    IMO, surprisingly DC could have won that fight easily just by dirty boxing
    in the clinch.
    He punished Jones constantly that way, I’m surprised he didn’t continue
    that in the later rounds, instead he reverted to wrestling just for the
    sake of it, why DC, WHY???
    DC impressed me quite a bit, I don’t think people realize how effective he
    was against JJ’s.
    DC should have not have used any wrestling whatsoever except to defend and
    control in the clinch.

  15. curls4dagirls Says:

    i love how much the interviewer talks about how much they hate each other,
    but makes them suck each others dicks for the whole interview, taking about
    how great and talented each other are like wtf

  16. Storm Trooper Says:

    Like DC said, the two guys have had so much success each, both in and out
    of MMA. This was the only UFC fight ever between two guys both on a 10
    fight win streak, ever. Definitely the first title fight.
    Why it had to go the way it did… well, controversy sells, JJ can’t help
    himself from being a twat and polarizing people, and DC just wouldnt stand
    for it.

    Personally I think this was the best interview leading up to the fight.
    I feel like all the tension and hyped gave DC an adrenaline rush and it all
    dumped in the third (round about the time of the eye poke). Boom, boom,
    boom, JJ keeps his cool, mentally out lasts the challenger. Better luck
    next time DC. You WILL have another shot (after Rumble of course). 

  17. CoteDivoireMakingof Says:

    im a dude but i will have sex with jones

  18. phil thibodeau Says:

    my real though of this whole interview, is why jones mixed up the word
    alexander with allister ….. with all the illuminati stuff going on and
    around,, did he slip.. was he thinkin allister crowley,,. I wonder if
    theres a deal with that going on behind the curtins,,, we all know how
    different jon jones is when the cameras are on him,, .what I mean by saying
    that is, hes probly to watch,,,beacause theres no way after fighting 5
    rounds with someone you mess his name up, with the founder of the satanic
    church,, just way too odd….. and too jones,, way to be an asshole,,you
    are on an interview and you make fun of the canadian accent with out and
    about, wtf is that. … you cock sucker,

  19. Pilkie101 Says:

    Love watching these after I know who won! 

  20. fanta assparian Says:

    is Jon Jones asian decent or half of his parent asian?? why did he do that
    ‘V’ sign in the end?? was he being racist towards yellow ppl? I wont be
    surprised if he was being racist, he’s a fake person. 

  21. Chad Dezara Says:

    tf is up with the audio? all those subscribers & the audio is subpar -,-

  22. Tom Green Says:

    Poor DC, not only did he lose his first round in UFC, but he lost at least
    4 rounds and was taken down 4-5 times. Not even a close match actually
    according to the scoring. Thought DC did a bit better than the way they

  23. KoolKrushIce Says:

    Jones looks high as fuck. Not even joking around he actually does here.

  24. Vodkani K Says:

    when it comes down to it, they are both great fucking guys, family men who
    fight to provide for their families. all this trash talk and brawls were as
    DC put it, icing on the cake for your average MMA fan and it fucking
    worked. Haven’t been this excited for a fight since lawler-brown

  25. delreydavid Says:

    DC seems like he knows he is going to lose. He still has to cut weight,
    and has had prior problems via kidney failure that kept him from competing
    in the 08 Olympics from cutting weight. Expecting a broken hand is not the
    way to go into the fight. His mind will pull back on punches without his