UFC: DIAZ vs MILLER Press Conference

Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “UFC: DIAZ vs MILLER Press Conference”

  1. Seanahimon1 Says:

    Nates cool and evrything,but when he talks he sounds literally retarted.

  2. normalpsychology Says:

    Hahaha.  Long live the UFC! WOO!!

  3. ripsnorter419 Says:

    there should be a Nick Diaz vs Mayhem Miller press conference… that Diaz would no show lol

  4. stllwtchngvds Says:

    Hell yea lol. I had to stand up for that one

  5. normalpsychology Says:

    Yeah, the ones I lost on were close, for sure. You said the Palhares fight was your favorite? I was going crazy during that one, man, I think everyone was. “What the hell is he doing!?” Hahahahah.

  6. stllwtchngvds Says:

    Yea I couldn’t pick in the Hendricks/Koshcheck and Barry/Johnson fights. But you were that close to getting them all right though. Barry looked like he almost got the sub and so did Palhares. The entire card was good but that was the most entertaining fight for me.

  7. normalpsychology Says:

    I only got 50%. Fuck.

  8. MACabral3the2nd Says:

    @ammagedoc fuck you and your mom cunt

  9. ammagedoc Says:

    stfu dumbass

  10. michaeldaviddiaz Says:

    I hope Edgar moves down to Featherweight because Nate’s title shot is way overdue. Henderson vs. Diaz/ Aldo vs. Edgar on the same card . . . That would be amazing.

  11. M747202172763 Says:

    Now that Nick Diaz is retired, I hope Nate Diaz can really shine now

  12. M747202172763 Says:

    smh does anyone want to watch that fight? not me lol. thats some shit that shoulda happene din like 2010

  13. DiceyJJ Says:

    my picks: Diaz, Hendricks, Johnson, Belcher

  14. supermanwithpower Says:

    And your a little bitch who sits in his mom’s house and has no life.

  15. mountaindew677 Says:

    Josh Kosheck is a turd that won’t flush away – Dan Hardy

  16. MACabral3the2nd Says:

    0 views but 144 likes ftw?

  17. MikeM00se Says:

    Its so funny how every time Nate speaks the crowd goes crazy lmao.

  18. heidmand Says:

    Or he follows in his brother and is not here to talk and the media knows it. So when they get more than 3-4 words out of him, that is a win for the media.

  19. Soulfree2008 Says:

    Quote of the night “”You get to fight Jon Fitch, how exiting is that right??” …

  20. Soulfree2008 Says:

    what Sides are there to choose from?? Im confused…

  21. ThatCooLDUD3 Says:

    Is it my speakers or can I just not hear anything these guys are saying?

  22. joelgallant9 Says:


  23. Northern00000Ireland Says:

    Hendricks will win garentee u.

  24. Northern00000Ireland Says:

    Beltcher vs Stann would be an awsome fight!!