UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1”

  1. UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship Says:

    Check out the first episode of UFC Embedded. We give you an exclusive look
    into the daily lives of the stars of UFC 173 and UFC president Dana White.

  2. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Says:

    *UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1*

    Take an exclusive look inside the daily life of UFC President Dana White.
    Plus, hear from Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson while they are in their
    training camps gearing up for a light heavyweight battle at UFC 173.

  3. Killa Kam Says:

    I hope Dan Henderson knocks him out so bad!

  4. Travis Kraft Says:

    I am sure his sister loves him reading that text on the vlog.

  5. FlipQ88 Says:

    Dana, a fucking millionaire, still rocking a flip phone. Go figure. 

  6. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. Says:


  7. Julien Ricky Says:

    I think its all made up if you ask me. I think Dana is a hobo in reality.
    look at his phone, who fucking has a flip phone these days? it’s all a set
    up.. we are being controlled and made to believe that this shit is real. if
    it was real wouldnt Dana show his kids and wife on camera? when was the
    last time Dana showed his kids and wife on camera? yea I thought so. Dan
    handerson has a hot gf? another proof we are being manipulated by
    illuminati. how come Cormier look the same even though he had to lose like
    200+ pounds..? pause at around 20:00 mark and look at the eyes of that guy
    sitting on the chair, they are red…

  8. WoddTentworth Says:

    Guys I will put Shoguns car on E-bay soon. Get your bets ready because I do
    not wanna hold it much longer.


  9. Zelterman Says:

    6:14 lol Dana still uses a flip phone, cheap ass bastard.

    And did you see Hendo’s girl? My goodness, what a lucky guy.

  10. Lightning1ab Says:

    Is it just me or did Cerrone have a boner at 6:03. Lol I think thats why
    the camera started going upward

  11. MrEKIM96 Says:

    Props to the UFC and Dana White for making this free, they could have
    easily made this fight pass only.

  12. Mitchell Soto Says:

    Daniel looks the same. The change too LH really hasent made a difference as
    far as apereance

  13. Mike Stenger Says:

    Loving the new UFC Embedded series that gives a behind the scenes look the
    week of a fight. These first few episodes follow Daniel Cormier, Dan
    Henderson and Dana White.

  14. SmileB4DEATH Says:

    i like!

  15. Omar Correa Says:

    This was awesome! It’s a nice look behind the scenes. Keep em coming.

  16. green98peon Says:

    Dans Jeep is sick

  17. Swp Andrei Says:

    Lol This are great … hope they’ll post more here and not gonna whore out
    and will post them only on fightpass

  18. UncleDavid1985 Says:

    Damn DC is swinging hard in sparring

  19. TopShelf Says:

    The UFC is the shit!

  20. USFighter Says:

    I like these. Only fighters commentary no bull shit theatrics. Like these a

  21. Mike Olive Says:

    Hell yes, I actually liked this.

  22. HoftimusPrime Says:


  23. Justin Graham Says:

    I dedicate this video to all the fucking morons that say they could do
    Danas job better. Bitch you can’t even watch every card let alone run it.
    Dana is the fucking man.

  24. dee aldo Says:

    i just notice 2 pic of Chuck Liddell in Dana’s office,i bet he got one in
    his bedroom too…

  25. xD6N Says:

    cant wait for this fight