UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

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25 Responses to “UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5”

  1. robTorturewright . Says:

    So wait… Was he card counting ? 

  2. Morgan Chan Says:

    Is Rockhold the token white guy in TUF Latin America?

  3. highmetalman6 Says:

    I wish I knew what Nick Diaz said… 

  4. R3LAPZE Says:

    what did nick diaz say!? hopefully he gonna fight matt brown 

  5. HydroBud98 Says:

    Look at Cormier’s finger nail, look at that finger nail, yea, NOW RESPECT

  6. predatorsc1992 Says:

    They really arent hyping this Bara/Dillashaw fight enough

  7. Fedor The G.O.A.T Says:

    Dan Henderson is most disgusting SHIT in MMA!!!

  8. Quink B Says:

    Got his walking papers? anyone?

  9. Mitchell Soto Says:

    Dana is awsome, Band for being too good lol

  10. Moi Moimême Says:

    Hello Can someone explain me what this call was about ? 2:15 I’m not
    English I did not catch every word. It was about casino ? Dana is not
    allowed to pla anymore ? Please :p

  11. 4g63mark Says:

    I wonder what Lorenzo is taking to be that jacked. Testosterone in men
    starts dropping in their late 20’s – early 30’s. Lorenzo is now 45. My best
    guess is probably testosterone, EQ, HGH, and maybe some additional stuff. 

  12. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA Says:

    *UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5*

    On episode #5 of the 7-part fight week series, UFC Embedded, the UFC’s
    biggest stars press their luck. At Zuffa HQ, Dana White takes a call from
    Nick Diaz, deals with Jon Jones’ manager, and gets his long-awaited walking
    papers. Daniel Cormier visits Cain Velasquez’ Ultimate Fighter training
    session and questions Luke Rockhold’s expertise, while Dan Henderson shares
    an awkward photo with Chael Sonnen. Finally, the UFC 173 main card fighters
    assemble at Ultimate Media Day for face time with the press and their
    opponents. UFC Embedded is a new, behind-the-scenes video blog series
    focusing on the final seven days leading up to the epic UFC 173
    Pay-Per-View event. #UFC

  13. Khaos969 Says:

    0:41 Jon Jones manager walks in…you can tell Dana dont like him… hes
    not there to kiss ass hes there to get Jones more money…..awkward

  14. syndawg89 Says:

    so in yesterdays scrum someone asked about the Jones Gus fight and whether
    it would be in Sweden, Dana said to watch this episode of UFC embedded to
    find out.


  15. themrjhable Says:

    Whose ever idea this series was better get a raise because these will
    really help the ufc fan base to better connect with the fighters/ behind
    the scenes experience. They are also beautifully shot and produced.

  16. Dannynorw Says:

    Alex fucking woooophed jones ass.. it was a bad descision.. and people
    actually say ” well jones is the champion, u have to beat him by a large
    margine to… blablabal” thats bullshit!! Gus beat him fair and square, it
    was close.. but any idiot whos not a complete BIAS idiot saw that..
    Everyone ive shown it to has agreed, and none of those guys had any
    emotional connection with either fighter.

  17. Rob Jenkins Says:

    Teasing us with that Nick Diaz call! I wonder what was discussed?

  18. NBKfightfanNBK Says:

    A 30 second ad!!?? Thanks a lot DANA! 

  19. ak47ava Says:

    brothers do love chicken, hahahahaahah

  20. Alexander Eleazar Says:


  21. 4g63mark Says:

    I’m 37 and I take testosterone. Even with eating, training, and
    testosterone it’s not as easy as you think to get that big in a man’s mid –
    late 30’s. Plus, there’s plenty of footage out there of him 10 years ago
    looking way smaller than that. It’s only within the last few years that
    he’s put on that much size. So while it’s possible that he could have done
    it naturally, at the age of 45,I have my doubts……. Plus I’m not even
    saying it’s a bad thing. I would actually like to know what it is so that I
    can add it to my cycle. 

  22. Justin Neely Says:

    why is Lorenzo so jacked.

  23. MrCrazyAsshole Says:

    Dana is a fuckin cheater!!!!! I’d ban him from my casino too.

  24. Johann Sebastian Says:

    Thank God? Dana believes in God now? I thought he was an atheist.

  25. Greg Bastounis Says:

    I like it. You’d be crazy to stop making these.