UFC Fight Night Boston: Embedded Vlog – Ep. 3

Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Fight Night Boston: Embedded Vlog – Ep. 3”

  1. Top10MetalSongs Says:

    4:51 The way Cowboy is walking doesn’t look too good… Maybe shouldn’t
    have thrown those leg kicks against Jury after all.

  2. Christian Jimenez Says:

    Dennis Siver has the body of a ninja turtle.

  3. Joe and Duke Says:

    I thought Cowboy was driving his RV to Boston?

  4. WeGottaSituation Says:

    I could’ve sworn McGregor was the only one on this card.

  5. Michael Hudson Says:

    Didn’t know there were other people on the card

  6. Greg Cunningham Says:

    John Howard is such a liar. He always goes for the takedown. Ex-Wrestler
    with an identity crisis.

  7. Petri Rendi Says:

    From just McGregor to no McGregor at all in embedded. UFC editing team
    failing again and again

  8. stinkin lincoln Says:

    would love to have siver in a 16″ version with laderhosen on jumping out of
    my coocoo clock every morning and blowing a trumpet

  9. Ramy chk Says:

    Go Siver !! After Cormier It’s time for Conor to get his big mouth shutted

  10. jay son Says:

    i think jose aldo would maul mcgregor. 

  11. Cherry Pauper Says:

    Stay tuned for the next riveting episode of Embedded when Cowboy finishes
    loading his stuff into his car! 

  12. oshane griffiths Says:

    Might as well add lose for Denis silver and a win for Connor on there
    record before the fight actually happens. This fight is just wasting time.
    Aldo/Connor should have been scheduled already. 

  13. sparky eire Says:

    I like the Guy. I have to be honest as a Irish Man, conor will take the

  14. Paul Turbo Says:

    Old vs young.. dull vs dynamic.. 

  15. MrJoegocrazy Says:

    With all due respect, that I honestly have for Conor Mcgregor, I’ve never
    seen so much publicity to a fighter that didn’t even has won a title shot.
    I mean the guy has amazing skills, he will become even greater in the years
    to come, but is it fair to others that one specific fighter has a spotlight
    in it, when he didn’t yet become a Champion on the UFC? The Pay-per-view
    from the Irish fans must be enormous to do something like this…anyway, I
    wish him the Best of luck. I think he brought something new to the
    Division, he’s powerful, his skills are awesome and I love to watch him
    fight. He brings the Show in and out of the Ring, and he backs up the smack
    talk!!! Plus, he looks like a good person to me and a humble one too!

  16. raajue3 Says:

    the subs are completely wrong. UFC blagging it here, they don’t know anyone
    who speaks German so they’re just presuming/anticipating what Siver is
    Moral: UFC are amateurs, ALWAYS take their word with a pinch of salt

  17. Grim Lim Says:

    this vlog sucks donkey dick

  18. DarkRenaissance2012 Says:

    Perhaps the Kompact Kickboxer should have organized his Own video campaign
    , showcasing his skills… UFC isnt gonna waste the time unfortunately. Its
    really cutting into the Conor McGregor budget

  19. runawayuniverse Says:

    Siver looks like Eric the Midget

  20. radium1285 Says:

    Siver is gonna get his ass kicked….first round finish. Just to many
    weapons for Siver to handle.

    Give us the Conor vs Aldo bout. Fuck it if he deserves it or not…..I
    would love to see that fight.

  21. Ritz handles Says:

    Not enough Siver Zuffa
    Get you shite together

  22. The Captain Says:

    UFC Fight Night Boston: Embedded – Episode 3

    On episode #3, main event star Dennis Siver does media and breaks down the
    animosity between him and his Irish opponent Conor McGregor. In the gym,
    McGregor works his striking; local welterweight John Howard combines
    standup with soundbytes; and former lightweight champion Benson Henderson
    gets in some jiu-jitsu at Kenny Florian’s training center. UFC lightweight
    Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and his camp struggle with baggage as they arrive
    in the wintry Northeast. UFC Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes
    video blog series focusing on the days leading up to the hotly-anticipated
    UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver, taking place Sunday, January 18 on FOX
    SPORTS 1 and more.

  23. giddygiddy85 Says:

    are yous happy now yous whingy lil bitches.. most boring embedded ever

  24. AlfredoOne19 Says:

    Did John Howard steal some Coke from Jones?

  25. datDANK Says: