UFC on FOX 2’s Mark Munoz on Fighting Chael Sonnen + Chris Leben’s Positive Drug Test

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25 Responses to “UFC on FOX 2’s Mark Munoz on Fighting Chael Sonnen + Chris Leben’s Positive Drug Test”

  1. Oreillyisthebest Says:

    @julfiguerob just making urself look stupid

  2. armytaskforce11x Says:

    I feel sorry for Mark they are feeding him to the shark and the shark is Sonnen.

  3. gavidia1991 Says:

    @mike2finch first, anderson is a champion, therefore he cant avoid fights. sure there are ppl who refuse fights, but when ur a champion u have no right to refuse fights becuase ur the champion and the ufc has the last word. second, he is not faking an injury, he is 37 yrs old and he fights for a living, what u thinks gonna happen? injuries r common in this sport and ppl never really say anything, but when a champion gets hurt everybody accuses him of faking(gsp and silva).

  4. sie7 Says:


  5. manvillbusiness Says:

    HUMBLE PERSON. That’s a true Filipino fighter!

  6. shaybellysticksout Says:

    Karyn and Mark should just fuck. God they make a cute couple

  7. itsjnham Says:

    Munoz is cool but Chael should be fighting silve next not munoz….

  8. TheMarvelavenger24 Says:

    Granny has muay-thai.

  9. MrSomename89 Says:

    Munoz looks like a cool dude and he’s a pretty damn good wrestler, but I just don’t see him getting past Chael.

  10. MrSomename89 Says:

    @julfiguerob bla bla bla. Injury, drugs, don’t stop believin’. hahaha

  11. vitor1271 Says:

    man, I could listen to munoz for hours if I didn’t have so much elso to do hehe you said sonnen is a marketing genius? No, YOU are, braw!!!! But then again you’re NOT marketing hehe

  12. vitor1271 Says:

    Yah, mark munoz is totally an honorary brazilian, he’s one of my favorite fighters ever, he has the martial artist’s spirit and virtues, he’s AWESOME, Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorça, Munooooooooz!!!

  13. dickdude132 Says:

    @Warpath2198 and youre stupid as fuck

  14. texasoutlaw979 Says:

    I clicked on this bc Mark Munoz is the man, keep hatin’ he will keep winning!

  15. MrZimbo007 Says:

    mark munoz is right the only reason im watching this video is because the title had chaels name in !!! screw munoz lets have chael -silva !!

  16. DAMIENsayWHODAT Says:

    @blazinfatt84 after gettin his ass whooped for over 20 minutes and now is too pussy to fight him. Yeah he is a “cowardly fuck”!!

  17. blazinfatt84 Says:

    im pretty sure the “cowardly fuck” tapped chael sonnen’s bitch ass out

  18. mike2finch Says:

    @gavidia1991 Well first off, Joe Silva “picks” the fights, he is the matchmaker. Secondly, Anderson can avoid matchups and say, “no” as much as he likes – no one can force anyone to fight anyone. He can fake injures if he wants (what is rumored to be currently happening). Regardless, Anderson will fight Chael before 2012 is out.

  19. gavidia1991 Says:

    How can anderson pick his fights? He is not dana white he is anderson silva he doesn’t pik his fights. Stop hating!!!

  20. NY1love Says:

    @StonewallJackson26 Guess that is why he fought Sonnen the first time.

  21. julfiguerob Says:

    Silva is the Champion, the better fighter ever in UFC history…. Sonnen (11 lost) is just another jackass or clown in the scene… for the true mma fans, we know that Sonnen in fact was on drugs the first fight and Silva was injured and still lost by sub, so in case there will be a rematch after all the shit that cames out of the clown he is gonna recieve the wors beat ever seen in UFC history…

  22. StonewallJackson26 Says:

    @Warpath2198 YES HE IS! It’s about time people realize it. He fights guys he knows he can beat.

  23. benny2986 Says:

    00:42 My Grandma in the background dropping SICK Muay-Thai.

  24. MrRyguy92 Says:

    mark munoz is a really nice guy dont know too much about him besides his fights w leben and maia but he seems like a nice guy when he was talkin about leben he really seemed like he cared about him. Munoz vs sonnen should be good and intresting but chael is no joke

  25. MrDripdrop Says:

    How about me VS the fat bitch in the background on FOX 2?