UFC on FOX Press Conference

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25 Responses to “UFC on FOX Press Conference”

  1. ufcbrazil99 Says:

    Lol 24:30 .. Bj penn!!!

  2. ufcbrazil99 Says:

    Lol the mexicans screming faget in spanish when jds walked in lol .. Go plant cabege and make pig/human desises like the swine flu

  3. ufcbrazil99 Says:

    The mexicans were the ones booing the while time .. I was there in hollywood that day

  4. Grumoth Says:

    They should have meathead detector at the door for press conferences. Goddamn idiot crowd. We have enough USA USA USA (or any nationality… Brazil was the worst) and BOOO-zombies at the events as it is. No reason to hear them while people actually talk something interesting.

  5. mcel89ify Says:

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  6. mima2266 Says:

    its going to be a great fight

  7. WAPACHU Says:

    @JuKa3177 i mean he is over-rated

  8. maxasampson Says:


  9. rommie711 Says:

    The terminator all the way……

  10. DamianTheFarmer Says:

    i love both these guys i don’t know who i want to win.

  11. josa9218 Says:

    @StrawQQ yeah, i just know one thing cain isnt fedor so who knows what going to happen in this fight he might loss his tittle or not

  12. StrawQQ Says:

    @josa9218 omg yes i was thinking the same! ohh good times 🙂

  13. MaDGriZz78 Says:

    25:40 put that smart water down nice and slow to make sure people see that you drink it LOLL such trash hope im not the only one who notices this shit.

  14. NikevsJordansxD Says:

    @magician234 yeah accident

  15. magician234 Says:

    I am so utterly pumped for this fight. I have been waiting to see this fight for 2 years now, and they are finally going to fight at the biggest stage ever in the sport. What more can you ask for as a fan? This is such a HUGE matchup..Finally the best two HWs lock horns, something you will hardly ever see in Boxing.

  16. magician234 Says:

    @pgravity How so? Ghetto? It just sounds like fans are excited for the fight itself. That happens almost anytime they bring in fans to the conferences. Some people really don’t watch much of MMA to know how the fans are.

  17. magician234 Says:

    @NikevsJordansxD Its Josh Barnett..

  18. magician234 Says:

    @MaDGriZz78 He actually does..He may not fight as quick as some of the lightweights, but he can go at this frenetic just like a LW, and does not let up.

  19. magician234 Says:

    @steveOo0o Who gives a shit about personality, does that help him in the cage? Ultimately, we want to see the most talented fighters, not how great their personality’s may be.

  20. pulversilva101 Says:

    @HASSDICH62 I agree 100%.. even as an Irishman

  21. pulversilva101 Says:

    dana said hes been talking to Fox for years abt going msainstream. so the fighters’ll lock up more back, but in the end: Dana ALWAYS wins

  22. EMARQUEZ23 Says:

    @z0neC0reeee sometimes

  23. drumrboy46 Says:

    what time does this conference start?

  24. drumrboy46 Says:

    awesome.. just in time.

  25. z0neC0reeee Says:

    @EMARQUEZ23 the fucking brazilians are disrespectful too