UFC Teams Up With EA! – EA E3 2012 Press Conference

Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC Teams Up With EA! – EA E3 2012 Press Conference”

  1. samjs721 Says:

    its called being a smart business man. he also talked crap about strikeforce but zuffa ended up buying it lol. its called expanding. its like that monopoly game.

  2. 13expose13 Says:

    It’s gonna be awesome. The best striking system from EA and now we wil have all the rosters! Strikeforce, Dream, UFC and maybe even women.

  3. c3t1f13dgoon Says:

    lmfao are you serious??? ea sport fuckin suck..only game they got good is fifa and fight night

  4. poisongodmachine3 Says:

    Dana White is such a hypocrite! He talked a lot of shit about EA when they released EA MMA, now he makes a deal with them!

  5. amandag1254 Says:

    EA/MMA was WAAAAAAAY better gameplay wise than Undisputed. . this should be awesome. .

  6. xxcxxJAYxxcxx Says:

    believe me i won’t. I’ve been playing wcw/nwo revenge and mario64 for N64 for like 10 years now and i never got bored. Good games never die

  7. xxcxxJAYxxcxx Says:

    dude u got me all wrong. Like in Undisputed three there is a pride mode. I wish it will be there too or the game wont’ be as exiting as undisputed three.

  8. aokifan89 Says:

    ea sports is known for sports, and THQ… isn’t., Fight night series and EA MMA… Nuff Said

  9. cjdg0000 Says:

    The ufc brought the rights to pride so it should be on there.

  10. cjdg0000 Says:

    if you like THQ go play fucking wwe, ea obviosly makes the best sports games on the planet, undisputed was good but no combinations or anything, you can put together sick combo’s on ea mma. This game is going to blow up man!!!!

  11. MrSuperawesum Says:

    i loved EA’S MMA. Omg i am sooo happy for this. The killed it on their 1st game just imagine how much better they’ll get now with one game under the belt and a great selection of fighters. i can not wait to see gameplay. EA don’t you mess this up man. ALSO online game play will be better with EA. i feel like a kid on xmas

  12. XBOX36035 Says:

    But for fuck sake EA sports bring a Rugby game out please. 🙂

  13. XBOX36035 Says:

    i can’t wait people say its bad no THQ were good but EA will move on from EA MMA what in my eyes was a good game i think but i do hope for improvements 🙂

  14. olumaderty2 Says:

    its dead, thq lost the license

  15. muchohumpty Says:

    cool just play UFC 3 2 years from now, see how bored you get

  16. paulcfc10 Says:

    Go and buy the Pride game for the PS2 then it’s a UFC game not Pride. I’d rather have WEC and Strikeforce added into it too then!

  17. bunghole211 Says:


  18. DaMenace89 Says:

    Ufc didnt sell them out the games sucked and graphics always looked the same… I cant wait i know it will be way better

  19. xxcxxJAYxxcxx Says:

    If there is no Pride mode, I’m not getting it.

  20. Rcee01 Says:

    I DID 

  21. Rcee01 Says:

    isn’t it obvious UFC sold them out like they did with SPIKE TV lmfao 

  22. MrOonter Says:

    Aside from it’s extremely laggy online play, I thought THQ’s Undisputed series was doing so well. Then again, I’m not surprised. EA probably stood on Dana’s desk and shat a contract 2x worth THQ’s.

  23. xxcxxJAYxxcxx Says:

    Undisputed three was a hell of a game! THQ really mad it work that time. I hope Dana doesn’t regret this…

  24. antoniod999 Says:

    its done, no more ufc games by thq. they released a statement

  25. xXCrusher509Xx Says:

    If they make it like ea mma ill be fucking pissed