Weidman confident ahead of Silva rematch

Chris Weidman turned on the style and brought out one of the greatest ever exhibitions of pure fighting skills when he defeated the long reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Champion, the legendary Anderson Silva at UFC 162, taking the belt off of him in a second round knockout of the Brazilian.

And now, as he had predicted earlier, the UFC has once again put him face to face against one of the most dominant Mixed Martial Artists of all time at UFC 168 with the title on the line once again but he remains as confident as he had been about facing The Spider the first time he was about to take him on, when almost everyone had written his chances off and didn’t even think he would last three rounds in the cage against the Brazilian.

Many people believe that Anderson will stop the showboating antics that he has become famous for and will go for a more hands down approach for the fight against Weidman but the American doesn’t think he will be so drastic in changing his stance.

Weidman mentioned that people are saying that Anderson will be very angry and the UFC will see a new Anderson when they face each other in the rematch for the title but he believes it is going to be easier than before. He also added that he is very happy with the situation and it is exactly that kind of place where he wanted to be.

Although he was knocked unconscious by Weidman, Silva remains the favorite to reclaim the title and the American believes the situation of being the underdog suits him just fine and he will be happy to prove his critics wrong and knock Anderson Silva out once again when they meet in December.


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